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  1. Can anybody help me out. Started a route a couple of months ago(split shift). It was offered to me by the then senior manager. So I go ahead and take it. Signed an offer letter. Which was vague because no specific routes are mentioned. But kinda just trusted the SM cause he was giving me what I wanted. Now SM'S took other position and new acting manager thinks he can just move me around as he pleases. Is there anything I can do to stop this? Or am I screwed.
  2. Route 66

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    Yeah, you're screwed.
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    Ask for offer letter. Read the line "operational needs will need to meet business needs". Hope the new route is m-f and your overpaid for your position
  4. Lol . Yeah rite
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    You've been schlonged! Welcome to the bend over club!
  6. What if is says that?
  7. No bueno
  8. Ok. Here another question for the club members. What's gonna happen if I stick to stops per hour during p1s and get lates. Am I covered cause I'm doing my best to cover sph and still getting lates? I will not go an extra inch for these Douche bags anymore. And I will no longer take the hint to falsify . When they say of coarse u can hit 20 stop in a hour an half ;)
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    If they give you :censored2: about STH and you are legit doing your best tell them to give you a check ride. I've never had to do this but I've heard it shuts them up real quick.
  10. Operational needs

    Operational needs Non desistas. Non exieras.

    Never, ever, ever falsify and refuse to if they try to get you to. NO member of management will cover for you. You will be fired, period. I don't care how good of buddies you might think they are. Always CYA by telling them before you leave the building that you'll have lates. Then don't worry about it. It's management's problem.

    If SPH are a problem, ask for a check ride, over and over if you have to. When you get a check ride, do everything 100% by the short cuts, if building has elevator don't use the stairs, bulk head door closed, etc.
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    Once again it's a nonunion company and as a result there is no oversight authority in place that requires compliance. Therefore nothing's binding and so there by the grace of god go you.
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    You say you were forced to switch to another route. Is that a completely different route or did they add/delete areas to/from the route you signed up to run? Without knowing what the letter said it's impossible to advise you about it.
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    Happened to a wheel at my station, a more senior guy needed a route so they took the wheel route and gave it to him.

    Best part is the more senior guy left and they offered the other guy the wheel back. He said no lol and I don't blame him, he works a split now but it's a gravy route and only 5 minutes from the building
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    That was your mistake. My SM helped save my job, but I still don't trust him.
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    Are you still sore? Get used to it, and never trust management or falsify. Lesson learned (I hope).
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    Request a Check Ride and/or training with mgr or swing to show you "how it's done" make sure to take note of violations of rules during training.