Forced to work off the clock and off the system

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by ponten4, Feb 21, 2013.

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    Hey, I was forced to work on the 31st of December while I was no longer in the timecard system and was rehired on the 2nd but I suffered an injury on the 31st which I was intimidated to lie about the date of the accident, since my insurance would not cover the accident at work leading me to file for workmans comp and was immediately fired a couple weeks later for a B.S reason. Anyone care to help? possible retaliation case on our hands? I was signed in that day at work and there's a great chance I was caught on video reporting to work and looking around for a legit first aid kit for minutes!
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    Ambulance chasing, freeloading, parasitic vermin. Lowest of the low, foulest of the foul. Peddle your garbage some place else, please.
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    It would be so unfortunate if what you are saying is true.

    UPS is a great company, but many have infiltrated the management ranks that are not upholding the values, principles and morals that has led to this company's rise to greatness.

    These infiltraters are causing the rapid demoralization of the work force. They don't know it but they are hurting themselves far more than they will ever hurt anyone else.

    This is a potential workplace issue that does deserve to be looked into.

    Employees are entitled to join forces to bring up workplace issues.

    There is not enough detail here to make an informed decision.

    Please PM me a full detailed write up of this situation and I will try to share my experience, strength and hope ,if I have any to offer based upon your efforts.

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    If UPS can afford to pay for trolls like this, they can afford to take the $90 a week and shove it.
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    Please explain.

    This comment makes no sense to me.

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    UPS pays for trolls to come on here and stir the pot. I believe this person to be one. I imagine he makes more than $90 a week to perform this job. You, the omnipotent I, can surmise the rest.

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    I respectfully disagree with your assessment of the OP.


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    Wow there's so many issues here. If this whole story is true every management figure that knew anything about this would be in serious trouble. An employee that's not supposed to be working on a day getting hurt and still being paid for the day. Insurance would not cover, well if you're being "fired and rehired" you wouldn't have insurance through UPS anyway so no matter how you look at it it would be W. Comp. If someone is out of work on W. Comp they should be on TAW or not at work and if someone gets fired there it just raises a bunch of flags.

    If everything posted in the OP is true then they really screwed up. Your only real choice is to contact your local. Anything you get here will not help you, and will most likely be possible breaches of the TOS.
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    A+ for style points...
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    The OP is being less than truthful with us.
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    yeah man, really messed up situation if you ask me. I was also begged to go back to the hospital and rephrase my story saying I was injured "working around the house" and to claim the reporting nurse misunderstood me.
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    Ponten is French for "full of crap".
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    I can assure you UPS does not pay people to do this.

    UPSers can come on here and do it on their own but UPS does not pay them to do this.

    Now the Teamsters is another story ... they do encourage and pay people to come on the Brown Cafe and stir things up and we will experience this as the contract negotiations get closer. The Teamsters will also hire "instigators" (or "facilitators" as they call them) to actually come to UPS and to Union rallies to stir things up.

    PS - I agree on the style points in your reply to I.
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    I highly doubt that you can assure anyone working for UPS, that.
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    I call shenanigans.

    But if it is true, and you did come in and work 'off the clock', you are an idiot.
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    I do it as often as I can, for free. :winks:
  17. menotyou

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    I wouldn't be surprised at this.

    Thank you.
  18. Bagels

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    With UPS pushing for pay cuts for PTers and contributions toward diluted benefits, I doubt the Teamsters need to pay anybody to do dirty work ;).
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    No one can force you to do anything.
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    Kinda like a manager or sup telling us at PCM that it's great to pay for healthcare because everyone else is doing it? Similar? Isn't UPS paying them?