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  1. Dmoney

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    Quick info, my last day was on the 24th of feb so I have a couple of questions:

    1. On there is a check with a check date of this past friday (march 9th) but it has not been direct deposited into my bank account. I assume this is my last paycheck and it was my unused week of vacation. are they not able to deposit it into my bank account because i am a former employee?

    2. are my unused option 3 hours going to be paid out to me as well?

    supervisor is on vacay this week and can't help. he is the only word i trust. so now i turn to you my fellow well paid slaves. can anyone help?
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    Sure, talk down to us. That's how to get help. :zombismiley:
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    I don't think that was his intent, show some intelligence.
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    You probably have a live check you might call you HR dept. if you were a driver they are going to want the uniforms back.
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    I'm not sure, but if you quit I don't think you get your option days.
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    whats the question?
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    Stop by the building or call your HR person.
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    Na na na na. hey hey hey goooodbye. Sounds like you want to segue into if you made a mistake leaving. Looks like your taking a lot of steps back and not moving on. I've witnessed this before.
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    thanks for all the replies. i cant go to the building anymore because i am not even in the same city. i'll probably just go ahead and contact HR and see what info they can give me. two more things:
    Well paid slaves = what we call ourselves at our hub. well-paid people who receive awesome benefits but almost no respect.
    Floyd: i do not regret leaving at all. never assume. it makes an [ASS] out of and [ME].
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    I suggest you talk to your FT supe to make sure you verify that you are on the re-hire list. Then call the union hall and get a withdrawal card.
    I left in 2001 and did that. I was re-hired in 2009. The withdrawal card saved me from paying Teamsters initiation fee again.