Fort Worth police shoot stabbing suspect

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    Fort Worth police shoot stabbing suspect - Star Telegram

    A man and a woman were in critical condition Monday after Fort Worth police shot the man who they said stabbed a female UPS driver on her delivery route.

    According to witnesses, the man approached the UPS driver and repeatedly stabbed her in the back, Mahaffey said. The driver apparently broke free and ran from the suspect.
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    I think we are missing a teachable moment here,and stop ratcheting up the talk. I think that we need to get the driver,assailant and the officer to all sit down and have a beer and reflect on the moment that lead up to this tragic episode that caused a black male to attack a white woman and then cause a police officer to to use the kind of force that he used.

    Oprah could probably mediate this beer summit. This a time for Americans to reflect on the tensions between a black man,white woman,and the law.

    Maybe they can all agree to disagree.

    My other question is,what did this woman do to cause this man to hate her so much that he wanted to stab and try to kill her? Was she medling in his affiars,was she arrogant to the black mans plight? Was she using up all the resources? after all we are only 25 percent of the worlds population and we consume 60 percent. Maybe she should give him her house and money and lower her standard of living to his. Maybe she needs to spread her wealth with him.

    How is that hope and change workin for ya?