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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by kingOFchester, May 13, 2010.

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    I watched Fox News cover the UPS hiring several times throughout the day and was wondering why they focused on them. Usually everything is focused on FDX.
  3. kingOFchester

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    I want to know why they time you at 15.5 seconds WITHOUT using seat belt.
    I want to know why the truck has a shine?
    I want to know how you are suppose to find the package in that time frame?
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    why didn't he have a over 70 that was falling apart.
  5. EAMKing

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    If they are hiring, its not at my building, its all casuals now. I have been waiting for 4 years now :sad-little:
  6. cosmictrucker

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    A large HUB in VA is still laying off drivers and cutting hours.
  7. dcdriver

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    Fox news was at the intergrad training all day.
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    im here in knoxville tennessee almost 10yrs and they are telling me it will be another 4 before i go full time what is up with hiring drivers
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    unless they are going to hire people to train on how to tape :angry:
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    Don't worry about this all. Most people know Fox is full of bs. Funny, however, UPS plays part of it !!!! :funny:
    Or are they commenground now with BS ????????
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    Thats Kenmei's job :happy2:
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    14 thousand new Teamsters over the next 5 years, all averaging 70 large a year. Who paid for this infomercial? Aside from the color brown, all other facts in this one were fabricated.
  13. scratch

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    This number of jobs sounds like normal turnover to me. We have so many drivers that retire, get fired, get promoted, or go out on disability. We have a lot of Cover Drivers not working, just like everywhere else.
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    All publicity is good publicity. If a news organization wants to do a positive story on your company then why not. UPS, comes off looking good, even if it's workers know the facts.
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    It's all about wall street ladies & gentlemen. It makes us look like a good investment. Remember, there is a contract that's coming up in a few years.

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    It blows my mind how they are training 14,000 new drivers, with more than half from the outside, when we have thousands of our own guys waiting for years to go driving.
  17. bbsam

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    All publicity is good publicity? LOL. Try doing a positive story on BP right now.
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    Think about it. This is ammo for Fox, FedEx and the scam. This way they can say that UPS is doing much better than FedEx, and has a need for more members (new FedEx members) in order to fund the pension plan. How could poor little FedEx compete against this Brown Juggernaut. More lies and spin from your friends at Fox "News". Look at the comments of the part-timers in the centers being told no FT for years and layoffs in other locations. The Republican lie machine and it's poster boy Fred Smith are behind this.
  20. bbsam

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    Kennedy assassination too.