FoxNews, Now official arm of INGSOC

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Dec 29, 2010.

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    Nice Liberal Anti war OPINION piece...
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    Were you trying to be Arte Johnson? (Laugh In)
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    Perhaps Fox News should get a medal for their "Defense of Freedom". We could call it the "Bill O'Reilly Defender of Christmas and All Things Good and Right Award" to be signed by Rupert Murdoch and presented by Oliver North. Oh, what a right wing orgy of flag-pole licking we could have. Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent, Dick Cheney, General McChrystal, Sean Hannity, Mark L, and Newt Gingrich could honor Fox with a 21 gun salute and Glenn Beck could cry great tears of love of country on cue. And we could have it at the Washington Monument...oh...wait. Maybe that bit's already been done.:wink2::peaceful:
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    Nah, I had Major Hochstetter in mind!


    I consider Lue the other arm of INGSOC!
    I'm still amazed Fox News gives an hour every night to Judge Napolitano on their business channel but then when it comes to talking heads on all the networks, I have so little use for them in the first place. Truly IMO, not much here, move on is my opinion of the entire circus.
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    If you get Fox Business Channel, you must've "demanded it". I don't have it.
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    clearly fox should ignore potential terrorists in this country they may hear from and only report them as news when they kill someone......:)
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    Comes standard with the ATT U-Verse plan I got but then I choose the plan based on the internet options and access to channels like History Channel International, Science Channel, etc. which I do enjoy watching. I'd be happy if they took all the news channels off (I consider them nothing more than regime shrills anyway regardless of political isle place settings) and if choosing a cable plan was like a cafeteria line (which it should be), there's a ton of channels I have access to that I'd not choose to have and spend that money elsewhere.

    I'm thinking seriously of dumping cable altogether and going purely internet as our family is exploring that option(s). Also exploring Clear Wireless for internet and anyone with an opinion on it, a PM of what you think would be most welcomed!
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    you should dump access to the internet too. You're much too smart to expose yourself to any opinion other then your own.
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    Former Reagan US Treasury Assist. Sec. and former Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal Paul Craig Roberts also commented on FoxNews actions in relation to Katie Smith and used the linked piece by Jason Ditz as a springboard to a larger point.

    America Has Gone Away