Fred, Rush,and Glen, The Axis of Evil

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    When I look at these three people, a single word comes to mind...evil. And that's evil with a capital "E". All 3 have lives that are centered around them being more influential and important than anyone else. That's fine, we all have a high degree of self-interest. But these 3 take it to a new level of narcissistic hyperbole.

    Rush is all out for Rush, and that means he doesn't really care about patriotism. soldiers, Reaganism or all the the other things he claims to represent. Rush Incorporated is all that matters, and he is a masterful practitioner of the art of radio showmanship. Never mind that most of what he says is either an outright lie or a sells, and the mentally backward among us lap it up like a kitten and a bowl of cream. The Free Market will make it all we've recently seen.

    Beck is even worse. His latest rants hint at him leading a secession of Texas from the United States, with the raving lunatic Chuck Norris at his side. Again, it must be for show, because how could anyone possibly believe it. Recently, he broadcast his show live from the Alamo, tying together a tangle of "freedom" themes in an illogical hodgepodge of idiocy. Once again, the faithful bought it hook, line, and sinker. If only the Free Market were allowed to function, and taxes on the rich and corporations were cut...everything would be hunky-dory. Yeah, right...

    And now Smith, the poor little rich kid from Memphis who is currently trying to be another "fine American" fighting the good fight against the perils of impending socialism, or perhaps even, communism. Never mind that he also distorts the facts, or uses his own special brand of hyperbole to sucker the mentally challenged. Because he's the amazing Fred Smith, he deserves special dispensation for running a successful business and should have his own set of laws that allow him an equally special advantage in a supposedly "fair and balanced" (pun intended)marketplace.

    If Smith truly believed in the Free Market as he says, there wouldn't be any need for a special "Express Carrier" exemption, nor should he have to fight against the EFCA by trying to pull a fast one with the Boeing deal. Shouldn't the "Free Market" be allowed to function and make everything OK? Since Fred believes so strongly in the correctional abilities of market forces, why not let UPS operate under the same rules and regulations as FedEx? And since Fred has treated his employees so well over the years, why not let them vote for a union? After all, because he's been so good to us, nobody would vote for the Teamster's, would they?

    And why does Fred need to pull the Boeing scam? Shouldn't market forces self-correct for Boeing losing a giant airplane order? We just don't understand, do we?

    Rush, Beck, and Smith.....birds of a feather, flock together. Or in this case, turds of a similar size and weight collect at the bottom of the bowl and clog the toilet. The new "Axis of Evil" is simply 3 big pieces of crap that are getting in the way of where we need to be. The sad fact is that all 3 of them have a lot of followers. What does that say about the average intelligence of Americans?
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    I find your post irresponsible. To compare law abiding US citizens to Sadam Hussein, Kim Jong Ill, and other dictators is disingenuous at best. It is funny to me that you would slander our own to such an extent. You sound like you don't like capitalism or democracy.
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    You obviously do not understand sarcasm. To compare Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Smith and all other Free Marketeers directly to dictators is ridiculous. What I am discussing, however, is all of their bluster and hype over the idea that the Free Market will cure everything, that Obama is a Socialist,and that not living the Reagan dream is anti-patriotic. In their own perverted way, they themselves are little dictators who want to impose their Reaganistic Right Wing will upon the rest of us. They are collectively doing more to destroy this country from within than any tyrant from without. They aren't "freedom fighters" at all. They are only interested in protecting the privileged, killing-off the unions, and creating more wealth for their class.

    The kind of special treatment these people favor for their own upper crust friends really isn't all that different from all of the corruption and special deals that occur in banana republics and Third World dictatorships all over the globe. Fred Smith would fit right in with his ability to purchase politicians and an inordinate amount of influence. Is that what capitalism is all about? Apparently so.

    It's pretty easy to reel-in a reactionary Neocon, as you've just proven so gracefully.
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    Good post you forgot one scott davis mr ups himself
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    I like MrFedEd's post regarding the actual company but when it comes to politics I think he might have missed a few lectures in college due to too much alcohol consumption at the frat house the night before.
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    You are obviously Conservative, which is OK with me. One of the things I did learn in college was to be tolerant of views which don't necessarily agree with my own.

    So, just what could Conservatives do to get us out of our current economic problems? I listen to Rush, and he wants us to return to Reaganomics. That's great, but nothing ever really trickled down, and the fat cats got fatter. I listen to Hannity and Savage sometimes too, and they're not offering anything different either.

    Cutting spending is another Conservative "solution". Spending creates jobs, not just services. Sure, there is pork, and there was plenty of bacon under Republican administrations as well. I always find it interesting when Republicans from the farming states are all about ridding the government of excess, but when it comes to agricultural subsidies, forget about it. If it's something that fits with the Conservative agenda, well that's OK, and it would be un-American to cut spending on the Iraq war or for defense systems.

    We can agree to disagree, but I've never been able to figure out why people who work for a living, and do it for a union company in the case of UPS, actually support Conservatism, which would love to stamp-out the IBT and make you underpaid wage slaves like us here at FedEx. Fred is a perfect example of a Conservative being allowed to do whatever he wants, and look where he's taken it.
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    Your problem is that you are a Liberal working for a Conservative company.No wonder you are so screwed up.
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    Fred's using the 'shiny thing over there' ploy to distract from the fact that the REAL reason he doesn't need those planes is because he is bleeding international volume to UPS.:sad-very: