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    Discuss. I don't think he should be fired. I do think he's holding the wrong position with those kinds of views. Going to work.
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    I spent about 10 years on a bid route delivering to a town which had a huge growth in it's hispanic population. The town has a meat packing plant which employs in excess of 2000 people, the majority of which are now hispanic.

    I also live about 5 miles outside of this town. I judge people by their individual actions not by their race. I will admit the changing demographic has caused some problems for the community.

    One of the main problems is the use of false identities. I was concerned about a large number of next day air letters going to a particular address.
    Without going into too much detail, an investigation by the Secret Service resulted in the arrest of individuals selling birth certificates and social security cards of prison inmates to illegal immigrants in this town.

    It was an investigation I was very involved in and I received an award from the Secret Service and a monetary reward from UPS.

    About a year before all of this a friend of mine was shot to death in a local bar. His killer was living under a fake identity, and was able to flee to Mexico. They would not extradite him.

    I have no problem with people wanting to come to the US to make a better life for themselves, but they need to do it legally.
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    His statement was racist and totally inappropriate for a law enforcement officer who is supposed to serve and protect the entire community equally.

    If he wants to keep his job and have his apology taken seriously, I suggest this; on his next vacation, he should get up at 5:00 am and go spend the entire day in a field picking lettuce alongside the same people he insulted. He should also spend a few shifts working with them in a meat packing plant. In this way, he could hopefully develop a sense of how hard these people work for the low wages that they earn. Perhaps this could be a learning experience for him.
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    He was stupid to say it, but lets face it, he feels that way because of what he encounters and has to deal with every day in his job.

    As a cop, he deals mostly with the dirt.
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    Over is right.
    If you like I can find some stats that pretty much makes it clear that we (citizens of the USA) would be better off to pay a little more for a head of lettuce than what we have to pay in taxes to supply our ILLEGAL (read criminal) "quests" in public assistance.
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    Oh wow. Now this is classic case of incompetent cognitive load demonstrated on the internet. This sheriff says they are "breeding like rabbits" and "are trashy". (THAT"S NOT THE FUNNY PART). Then sober (trying to prove how "fair minded" he is) comes up with a penance. In this penance, he makes an insulting stereotype that the people the sheriff said "are trashy" are the people who "pick lettuce in a field at 5:00 am". And just to cover his bases (because MAYBE not ALL mexicans work in a field) Sober also says the sheriff should have the option of working in a "meat packing plant" with them.

    BWAHAHHAHAHAHA. People accuse others of being racist, on the internet, all the time. You however, Sober, make this sheriff look like Mother Teresa when compared to your rediculous stereotyping mindset.

    Also, another amazing and inaccurate correlation you drew was "how hard these people work for the low wages that they earn," to the fact that the article focuses on ILLEGAL immigrants and plays at emotions while speaking of a specific CRIMINAL that recklessly endangered (and ended up killing) an innocent boy.

    Perhaps you should take the same path as the sheriff and apologize for making "broad statements that reflected on the whole Hispanic population."
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    Trp, don't forget what happens when you bring statistics into a criminology debate in a left-winged, politically correct social environment (read US)(also read, only when in the public eye).

    It quickly becomes an argument of how the statistics came to be. And that, of course, is due 100% to the "racist" and "unfair" justice system that America has :rolleyes2::rolleyes2::rolleyes2: / sarcasm.
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    I do understand what you are saying and don't really disagree with you. I would like o add that my comment was not to imply that all immigrants are illegal, just that all ILLEGALS are criminals by nature of their status of being here without using proper channels. That has noting to do with the "racist" and "unfair" justice system of America, it's a matter of counting heads. It's a matter of thinking with your head and not your heart.
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    The sherriff was referring to a specific ethnic group (hispanics) when he referred to "trashy" people who "breed like rabbits."

    While it is not true that most Hispanics work in is true that the majority of agricultural workers are Hispanic. I see virtually no caucasian faces in the hop fields, vineyards and other farms I deliver to.

    It didnt use to be this way. As a teenager, I spent summers in the fields picking green beans and strawberries. I also worked on a Christmas tree farm as well as cleaning horse stables. Good luck getting today's teenagers to do this kind of work anymore.

    I agree that illegal immigration is a problem. I even agree that it is a crime....but the person who hires an illegal worker is also a criminal and should be treated as such. The American consumer who demands cheap goods and services at a price that only illegals can provide is also complicit in the crime.
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    You are probably right about that, but the problem will be in convincing the American consumer to be willing to pay more for that head of lettuce.

    Too many people want to assign all the blame to the illegals, while conveniently overlooking the fact that the illegals are here to meet a demand for cheap labor.
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    I will definitely admit I get that "good" feeling when I hear about business owners getting busted for using mostly illegals in their businesses. Of course, that feeling comes along with the "why I am I happy someone else is having something bad happen to them" feeling.

    BTW, where I am it is almost always a restaurant (or chain of them) that the INS stings.
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    gotta love the triangle!!
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    There is nothing wrong with seeing someone else being held accountable for their actions. Unfortunately, the right people arent being held accountable.

    Capitalism is the concept of supply and demand. There is a demand in this country for cheap labor. The illegals are merely meeting that demand. I'm not defending them....they are breaking the law...but the problem isnt going to get solved until we are willing to look in the mirror and accept our role in it.

    I know farmers who face two alternatives come harvest time; either hire workers that they know (or at least suspect) are illegals, or watch their crops rot in the fields for want of pickers. If they pay a wage that will attract legal workers....their crop will be too expensive to compete with imported produce from China or South America. So does that make the farmer a criminal? Or the illegal who does the work? Or does the responsibility ultimately fall to the consumer who demands the cheapest possible goods, regardless of origin?
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    Many of the illegals can get a temp workers document for harvest time, making I wouldn't have as much a problem with illegals coming here for harvest if they would go back home after harvest is over, but far too many of them don't go back and many times end up on public assistance that they have paid zero taxes to help support the system. Then you have the added problems that are created also. driving without insurance and committing other crimes are two that come to mind right away.
    I don't like to see bad things happen to other people either, but these people know that what they are doing is illegal and what the possible consequences are. That's why they run and hide when they see a pea green van.
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    Anyone remember when Cheech got deported cuz he looked like an illegal alien??

    "Who's the President of the United States?"

    "Uhhh...that guy from 'Death Valley Days'!!"
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    Law enforcement officers spend their whole lives surrounded by scum, lowlifes, and deviants. They see on a daily basis the human cost of the actions of those despicable people. It is human and understandable to occasionally say something stupid that you might later regret.
    I do not think we should be too quick to jump on someone over something like that. Does he have a pattern of outrageous statments? Does he have a history of racist actions? Or does he, in fact, try to do his duty to protect everyone in his community?
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    We always brag about living in a free country until someone exercises their freedom and says something you don't like.
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    Why do I get the feeling that 90% of the posters here don't have a clue what your talking about?:peaceful: 20 mule team Borax
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    C'mon, that movie is a classic!
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    According to Wikepedia (we all know you can't believe everything on there) "Death Vally Days" was on radio from 1930 to 1945. It ran on TV as a weekly show from 1952 to 1975 with Ronald (Ray-Gun) Ragen as one of a half dozen hosts of the show. Death Vally is a fasinating place to visit. .........................but not in the summer:peaceful: