From package handler to driver in a year or less

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by stepheng101, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. stepheng101

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    Hey I'm just getting started as a package handler here in Seattle, I've been told by my HR guy that I could make driver in as little as 3-6 months. He's a nice guy and doesn't seem like the time to screw with me or anything, does anyone have any thoughts on this? He said things have changed in the past few years and it is much easier to get a driver position nowadays..

    I also have another question. I am interested in moving to New York, possibly next summer, does anyone think that if I DID make driver that I could take that job with me to NYC?


  2. Mr Shifter

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    As for becoming driver in under a year it all depends on the demand. I've heard that some centers hire people off the street for drivers during peak season only. The centers then give them the boot when peaks over or move them to package handlers. As for you getting the driver position from package handler i would guess it also depends on the demand and you outstanding performance and attendance record. At my center I've had a co worker move into part time feeder shifter with me with less than a year seniority when it was clearly written as a pre-requisite that you had to have at least on year seniority. I did some research and it was probably do to his outstanding performance and high demand for a shifter.

    And for changing centers intirely I've heard numbers of time that is only for education purposes and i even ran that by a head of HR myself.:)
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    I'm in your region and yes it's very easy to go driving that fast if you are in the right center. Several centers in the Seattle area need a lot of drivers. But there's a reason for this. Plan on having a route in downtown seattle or the hood.

    Downtown seattle is all steep hills and skyscrapers. Your truck will be an ancient POS manual with no power steering. And the parking break will suck. In the hood people will follow you around and steal your DR packages and infonotices.

    Don't count on it. I'm not sure it's possible to transfer outside of the western states. Best bet is to quit and get rehired over there as PT and work your way back up.
  4. dudebro

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    If you're planning to come to NYC, you could still make driver in less than 3 years in northern NJ, and if you're near Parsippany or Meadowlands you'll get hired as a package handler on the spot. The seniority lists are pretty short here.
    There are feeder drivers out of Parsippany whose start date is as recent as '02. That's right, only 2 or 3 years of jumping on and off the car 160 times a day. Hopefully these guys knees will make it...
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    Wow. I can't think of a place I would want to drive less, steep hills..narrow roads, crappy package cars all that combined with a job where they will 'fire' you for any accident on a moments notice.

    Oh, wait..someone did say there was a reason for the quick advancement.........
  6. brownrodster

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    Don't get me wrong. There are some excellent centers to work out of in the greater seattle area.

    However, when talking about being a driver in 3-6 months you can only be talking about the seattle center or the tukwilla center.

    Me I'd rather find a center a little farther away and wait 1-2 years and drive in a nicer place.

    I'm far enough away from seattle that the wait for package car is about 3 years and people don't seem to want to retire!
  7. 1989

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    Downtown Seattle is the place to be....The worst thing about is it dealing with the Mariners games....Especially the day games.