From The Chairman: Transition to Ground

59 Dano

I just want to make friends!
The concept that one's reward is in the afterlife has been used for centuries to control and manipulate the feeble minded. This was especially prevalent during the early part of the 20th Century, where unscrupulous industrialists would use this very argument to motivate workers to do dangerous jobs in miserable,unsafe conditions. Couldn't spend any money on safety, you know. Would cut into profits. "Your reward is in the hereafter, so if you get blown up, it's all good".

Believe it or not, people will find all sorts of excuses to oppose Christianity.

It's highly ironic that someone with your stilted value system claims to be a Christian. You espouse an air of superiority, especially when it comes to workers, of which you are one, even though you don't seem to realize it. You look down on others, and don't advocate for the oppressed or ignorant.

Dude I advocate for you EVERY DAY!!!

It's people like you that give religion a bad name. Space God, if He were real, would probably disapprove of your hypocrisy and false allegiance. So many "Christians" I meet talk the talk but don't walk the walk. Based on your interactions here, I'd have to say you're just another faux blowhard fake who professes faith but does nothing in life that would indicate they follow Jesus.

You're despicable (D. Duck).

Since you brought it up, cite 5 instances of my alleged hypocrisy and false allegiance with the appropriate supporting scripture to prove it.