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    can a disqualified pt cover driver make a bid into a ft package driver job...i cant seem to find the answer in the master or southern rider...does anyone know or where i can find it myself?
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    No. A company DQ'd driver must wait a year to go driving (that means driving - PERIOD) and a self-DQ'd driver must wait two, barring any other contradictory language in a supplement.
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    well its been a month and this is what i have discovered. the tcd was terminated due to sheeting air stops as ni and nsn to avoid having late air and would reattempt later on trace. he was awarded his job back and was disqualified as a driver but there was an agreement between local and the center that he could bid on ft driving job if one was available.a job is available now and he bid and is now attempting yet another qualifying period. the argument is since we have part time covers the fulltime job is two seperate qualifications. i assumed that if your disqualified you cannot enter a driving bid-PERIOD. and i cannot find the backroom deals section in my contract book. im going to file a grievance but dont know how to get around my local because they support this "agreement". ANY help would be appreciated.
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    Union rules. That means if you can't find it in the contract the union makes the rules. To file a grievance you must site the Article that has been violated. The union will decide if it's a valid grievance, not the company.
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    Sounds like you have a gripe with the union not throwing the RTD you mentioned under the bus. Here's my honest assessment posted as a question: I'm assuming the driver you mentioned is a slot or two above you in seniority?
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    yes he is. i have been cover driving for 7 years waiting for a fulltime spot. this guy finally decides he wants to be a driver and screws up and was disqualified. now the company and local will give him another chance within his 1 year disqualifying period? i totally respect senority but how can the language be changed to benifit one employee?
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    That kinda thing would piss me off. But what are you gonna do? Put a target on your back? Seems unless they really like you, anyone who complains about management decisions or issues, that is what happens...
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    Article 6 Sec. 1

    Ask to see the agreement (or better yet, a copy). If you are denied, file charges with your local Joint Council. If you get the "extra agreement" file charges and get it thrown out, have your officers disciplined and get your FT position.

    I don't know what the actual intent of the Article 6 Sec.1 article is, but it is all I can recommend at the moment.
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    Good call.
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    It depends what you were Dq'ed for. I was Dq'ed myself for not scanning a package, they went through my truck and they said i never attempted it, which I did. I was sent back to the building for 5 days and then as soon as another position was available I was back. ( in a different center though)