FT Operations Sup vs. PT Package Dispatch Sup

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  1. FNG

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    FNG here, so please don't shoot me......just trying to gather as much info as possible.

    I've gathered quite a bit of information from these forums on Supervisory positions within UPS, but wanted to get opinions on this specific question....

    All things considered and having the ability to do either position, if you were offered both positions, would you take the FT Operations Supervisor or a PT Package Dispatch Supervisor position and why?

    I appreciate any and all productive feedback!
  2. In2Deep?

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    A sup is a sup. If this company is all you have going on right now and is your future then take the FT position. If this job isn't what you see yourself doing in the future then quit now.
  3. DieHardUPSER

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    The FT Job pays a lot more.
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Is that the only criteria that you use when looking for a new job?
  5. dudebro

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    It sounds shallow but makes a huge difference over the course of a lifetime. The FT job is more challenging. The OP will be on a faster career track as well. The question comes down to, what does the OP want?
  6. FNG

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    I was basically trying to get some insight to the 2 positions. I now realized I probably should have posted this in the "Partners" forum.

    I'm an outsider (feel free to crucify me). I have a current job in a different industry, but with similar issues that are discussed on here.

    I have already interviewed for the Operations Supervisor position, and should know something by the end of next week. The PT Dispatch Supervisor job came open the day I interviewed for the other, and it intrigued me as well for 2 reasons....

    I could work in while working my current job, and find out if UPS is for sure for me or not. I also have extensive supervisory dispatching experience in multiple industries, so it would likely be an easier fit/transition.

    I don't have either position yet, but want to have as much information as possible, in the chance I was offered either/or.

    I should also say, taking either position would be in hopes of starting a career with UPS.
  7. dudebro

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    IMHO, sticking your toe in is too wishy-washy for someone who wants a career. Take the FT job.
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    Neither, oh and btw, ask some management you know how they like their increase in insurance premiums UPS just announced they'll be receiving next enrollment.
  11. Wally

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    Take window number three, start a business.