FT sup retaliates against gf of person who wrote grievance.

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    Ok, here's the situation, I've been filing grievances for the past month for supervisors working. My reasoning, volumes down, they're cutting hours no reason for management to be doing any hourly work, simple and everyone who's heard it agrees.

    No here's where the problem starts. One of the people I've grieved was a FT sup who was loading. Cut and dry no argument and I got paid, or at least that's what it should have been. Instead the FT sup has more or less freaked out and taken it personally, and given he can't go after me, I'm an incompatibles sorter who actually works and such, he's decided to go after my gf who's the one who handles recycles for the pds in his area. She's told me he said that he does it because it makes him feel better. I didn't hear it, and no one that was around when she says it was said will do anything.

    As a general rule of thumb, I won't act on here-say, if I don't see it myself I can't act in good faith. So for awhile all I could do was bring her in with a steward to our sort managers office and explain the situation to him so he's aware of it. After a small discussion everything was ok for 2 weeks.

    That brings us to last night, I catch said FT sup loading, so I ask him about it, he immediately gets defensive and then stops working. As I'm leaving the feeder he shouts to a nearby pt sup asking where my gf is and says she better be working. Then harasses her for a minute and then ships her into the truck he was just loading for the next hour, all the while other hourlies are nearby who are actually trained to load, she is not started in the unload then went to do recycles, are doing not much of anything or getting ready to leave.

    Shortly thereafter I finish my work and get a steward and we go to speak with the sort manager about it. At this point he's supposed to talk with the FT sup sometime today, either after the sort or before Friday sort starts. Until now the FT never did anything when I was around, and my gf is rather skittish and unmotivated when things go wrong, so I couldn't do anything.

    Anyways, I'm sure I'm rambling, but at this point my plan is to not do anything today unless something really egregious happens and wait until after the weekend to see how things are. I suppose though, I'm coming here to ask for some advice on what I can do. So any suggestions or comments otherwise?

    P.S. I apologize if this is a bit incoherent, mixing nyquil and any alcohol really does increase drowsiness. Yeah I know, bad idea but I was drinking before I thought to take the nyquil since I've been sick.
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    Could it be that your natural instict to protect your girlfriend is clouding your judgement?
  3. Nimnim

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    It very well could be, but that still doesn't discount the fact that she has been targeted. I probably forgot to mention how many people have told me how she's been treated since my grievance on the FT sup, but since I hadn't seen it I had to take it as here-say.

    I try to let her take care of her own stuff, but I feel I have to do something since this is being caused because of my grievance filing.
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    So far your actions sounds reasonable and acceptable. Let the steward and Sort manager work the situation.
    Going head to head with the sup does not sound very promising.
  5. Nimnim

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    That and before all this happened I considered them a friend. I hate to see losing someone I consider a friend because they took something personally that really shouldn't matter. I can't play favorites or my other grievances hold no weight, and at the same time I can see management is getting better after my prodding about doing hourly work so I can at least reason that my actions have had a positive result. Actually today we had 9 air loads come to my sort tonight because the plane was late, and the worst I saw was a PT sup standing between the unloader in an air can and the belt taking the packages from the unloader and putting them on the belt so they wouldn't have to throw or walk to the belt. I wouldn't dream of grieving that since it was obviously helping the unloader and not trying to do their work.
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    Here's the deal either stop filing greivances or dump your girlfriend. You brought the unwanted attention on yourself. You sound like you are young, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

    I've seen this picture 1,000 times. She couldn't unload, your building needs the people, so they throw her on recycle duty. Gives her something to do and she can't really screw anything up that way.

    The other possibility is that you are imagining all this.

    Your girlfriend might have brought this unwanted attention on herself since we already discussed she was a bad employee. So the other scenario is you filed greivances and your girlfriends is worthless, maybe that is why you are both being targeted.

    Either way all your headaches started when you began filing greivances. Don't file greivances and the headaches go away.
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  8. washington57

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    You should grieve that. Should be another hourly helping unload that can not the pt sup. 'helping' is the same as working
  9. brownman15

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    how about the sup follows the contract and not work or retaliate wich is also a violation of the contract and ups policy
  10. brownman15

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    file a grievance for retaliation and if they are harassing your gf have her file for harassment and you can also call the ups hotline

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    I get the violation of the contract and the retalliation thing but neither greivance will do anything but make the target larger.
  12. brownman15

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    then you keep filing

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    But no one cares.. Why waste the time, eventually management will terminate you for filing false greivances...
  14. brownman15

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    the arbitrator will care if he is fired and so will the labor board. what false grievances
  15. Nimnim

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    I've already decided that if it keeps up I will file for retaliation, and try to get her to file for harassment, I much prefer to talk to people first which is why I went to the sort manager first. It's easier on everyone if a few words are said and it's the end instead of tons of paperwork and things being on file for all to see.
  16. tieguy

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    The union has you where they want you. You're now in a full fledged pissing contest with management the guys that created the company that employs you. So here you are with your stomach in a knot, going through a lot of stress, trying to convince your girlfriend to throw herself on the grenade to help your cause. Now both you and your girlfriend are a target. Meanwhile your business agent is eating prime rib on members money and wheeling and dealing with the company. The good news is when you both get fired one of you will get your jobs back due to the wheeling and dealing.

    I know I'll get shot for this but I cant believe so many of you bright talented people let a few goons steer you into risking your livelyhood. In comabt the point man is often the first one to catch a bullet.
  17. fxdwg

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    I say you both should resign and put an application in at IHop...Gimme' a break

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    WONDERFUL!!!!!!!! I am going to print this response out and pass it around in the office... Well said... Just like the T-Shirts they were bragging about on another thread. They use the part time workforce's dues to make t-shirts that say "don't sign anything."

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    Yes you should do that, I think you need to see for yourself that the retalliation greivance is a JOKE.....
  20. Nimnim

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    Ok, first, aside from being on my mind, it's really no stress to me. Her, it can be hard to tell, women are hard to understand at times. Second, I've taken virtually no advice from the union, I've merely had them along for the ride.

    And as a side note, my sort manager and all my immediate supervision love me. I do what they ask, I don't steal, I work hard, and I tend to give them a few laughs along the way. So I'm not in the least bit worried about my employment, I know better than to do something stupid that would get me walked out.

    P.S. Geeze, I guess I shouldn't be surprised about the kind of responses I've gotten from certain people here, but I suppose my view of the situation is a bit skewed since I can't act as an outside observer and as such can't respond with nonconstructive criticism.
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