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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by vee, Nov 17, 2006.

  1. vee

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    I have a question about top rate. Do I move to top rate at 30 months after my start date, or is it 30 months after my seniority date? I have gotten conflicting answers from people at work. Thanks.
  2. 1980

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    Start Date. Find your steward and introduce yourself ,ask him for a copy of the contract.Lots of answers and knowledge in there!
  3. brown67

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    After your 30 days of probation and you qualify then your seniority goes back to your start date as a full-time driver. That's the way it works in Colorado.
  4. 1980

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    FYI After the day u attain seniority your start date is also your seniority date. The date u attain seniority means zippo now.
  5. vee

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    Thanks for the quick responses.

    So, since my full-time start date was April 27, 2004, I should have moved to top rate on October 27? I haven't received the pay raise yet. My seniority date is listed on the board as June 3, 2004.
  6. 1980

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    Go to your Steward on monday,he should be able to help. That last raise is huge.$7.00...X 40 plus OT
  7. jlphotog

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    Except for the pay rate going up by 6.67% :w00t:
  8. yeldarb

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    My seniority date was from the day the called me. The day they called me to ask if I wanted to go package car is my seniority/anniversary date. That date, to when I started driving was 3 months. I was called in January, first drove the end of March. My date is in January. I was surprised by it, but didnt ask questions.
  9. vee

    vee Make Nine Five

    Thanks. It sounds like I should have got my top rate on Oct 27. I will find out on monday! I'ts a matter of 9.00/hr. plus twoo weeks back pay.