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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by cookscrue, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. cookscrue

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    Is anyone out there full time management? I'm a part-time dispatch supervisor and have been asked about whether I would like to make the jump to On-Road Supervisor. My biggest reservation is that I have no driving experience and I would think you would need that to be a good On-Road. People here are telling me that it isn't an issue but I'm not sure I buy it. Any feedback would be helpful.
  2. goetface

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    I believe any job within ups, unless you prolly work at headquarters * visualize a head on a quarter* isn't to hard to figure out. I think you got your answer already, go with your gut, and if you do your better safe then sorry.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I am not mgt but have been a driver for 23 years. There is no question that experience as a driver would help you immensely; however, it is not necessary to have driven to supervise drivers, much like it is not necessary to know how to load packages to deliver them. Not having been a driver means you will have to earn the respect of the drivers. It has been a while since we have had a new on-car but our last one had to drive for 30 days before he started supervising. Good luck. Dave.
  4. Brownfloater

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    I was a driver for almost 5 years before I became a Supervisor and I would say it has helped immensely, especially when I was getting used to the new job. I didn't have to figure out both what I should be doing and what those I was leading were supposed to do. There is an On-Car in our center who started as Part-Time before he got promoted, but he worked as a seasonal driver last peak. He even says it was the best thing for him, gave him at least some experience. You may want to check out that option if it is available to you. Just because they are asking you if you are interested doesn't mean that there is an immediate opening so they may be very receptive to the idea, at least if they can get another Part-Time Sup to cover your responsibilities. Good luck in what you decide.
  5. pretzel_man

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    First, ask yourself.... Why do you want to go into full time management?? Whether you get driving experience or not, this is a significant change. Your success will be based on how well other people do. You will be responsible for training, planning, accountability, follow up, etc.

    Yes, you will be given some difficult (if not impossible) goals at times. How you react to that will impact how well you do.

    If you are a good PDS, you have a leg up and some excellent experience. You know how to fix dispatch problems in the plan and in the preload.

    Rather than ask those on this board (who are definitely biased), go ask your center manager and the other sups. Watch what they do more closely. See if that is the work you want to do. Look at other jobs as well. On road supervisor is one of many, many management positions. Are there others that you would like to do at some point?

    Finally, I think if you are going to be an on road supervisor, you need to drive. At least for a period of time.

    Best of luck
  6. menotyou

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    Driving is immensely helpful. Maybe you can drive this peak. I know they do this at some centers. My center manager even has a run at the height of it. Your dispatch experience will help you greatly. Whatever you decide, good luck to you. Treat you employees well, and they should respond in kind. I know I do.
  7. soberups

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    Take a good hard look at how the FT management people in your area are being treated before you make your decision.

    In my area, the ones that are close to retirement age are getting whacked or demoted or going out on stress leave.
  8. rocket man

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    There are many drivers and hoping you go for it. why would you think driving a truck has any thing to do with that job? go for it a couple of diffrent letters in your screen name and you will be a supervisor for sure
  9. Monkey Butt

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    Vintage rockit although I did understand it on the first read.

    Good to see you back.
  10. Anonymous 10

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    You don't need experience anymore just do what you are told and don't question your manager.
  11. AKCoverMan

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    I bet the people telling you that never having been a driver doesn't matter have themselves never been a driver. Oh I am sure the official job posting or whatever will not list it as a requirement. But to say it doesn't matter? That is short sighted at best.
  12. UPSGUY72

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    As 407 has said you don't need experience anymore. Your are only a messenger these days you are told what number need to be meet and you need to meet them even if the number can never be achieved. Knowing what a driver does each day really doesn't matter because the person that makes up the numbers you need to meet has no clue what we as drivers actually do to get a package delivered in the real world.

    You might want to inquire about the work hours that they are going to expect you to work. Don't be surprised if you work day is 12hr and you have to work Sat at times. My ORS get to the building before 7:00 am and I have seen them still in the building after 8:00 pm.
  13. cookscrue

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    Thanks guys for all of the feedback. I think I'm going to wait until the new year and what changes are made to upper management in my center before I make a decision. My gut tells me not to do it so I think I'll listen to that for now.
  14. rocket man

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    making that decision is rude to all of us you are effecting company stock the time you have in. the question you ask you must work in a bld by your self to judge a answer from this web site . i heard the company wants non union people to go to managment i guess your not in the union . I want to see you in there NOW GO FOR IT WE WILL CLOSE DOWN YOUR ONE MAN CENTER ON MOVE ON. ASK UPSTATE NYER FOR MORE ADVISE
  15. cookscrue

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    All I can say if WTF rocket man? How is my decision rude to anyone? I posted a question for feedback, wasn't looking to you guys to make my decision for me. Guess next time I'll think twice before posting.
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    Don't mind rockit ... he's like a puzzle we are all trying to put together.
    There is a pattern to his apparent rambling.
    I personally look forward to his post.
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    rocket man sort of makes my head hurt. I am going to watch some football and drink for a while and then re-read his post later.
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    Guess so Hoaxster. I re-read his post a dozen times and still can't make heads or tails of it. Time to quit trying to figure it out and take the kids trick-or-treating.
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    Vintage RM.:peaceful:
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    I understand that helps.