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  1. Goldblooded

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    Hello guys. I am going to the process of package delivery driver. I am being hired as a full time permanent position. My question is, will I ever be let go because of a slow season? Or only part time temps get let go after the peak season? Thank you!
  2. SaladTosser

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    If they did lay you off, it's guaranteed they'd call you back.
  3. silenze

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    full time permanent employees have the option of working inside the building. if you are a small center there may be only one sort. but larger centers you can work two sorts back to back for your 7 or 8hrs.
  4. HardknocksUPSer

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    To add to what @silenze said you may also have the option of fueling/parking package cars before preload (that's when fueling takes place at my center) and then working preload to get your full 8hrs without having to travel to work two times a day and your done by 9am.
  5. Goldblooded

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    So is it safe to say that I won't be laid off? If I don't do deliveries, I'll be helping inside? My location is in the Bay Area so it's a big center.
  6. fres431

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    The bay as in ca ba? Oak. North bat area? Nope ya won't be laid off
  7. Man Of Brown

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    Here you have to be laid off for a certain amount of time before you can bump in. 5 days or something like that. Can't remember cause luckily I wasn't laid off much this year. Make sure you ask what your hourly wage is when you bump inside. Could be $10.10 an hour instead of your driver pay.
  8. hellfire

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    Your a lucky man, thats a hard position to get, make sure you kick arse in the beginning
  9. UPSGUY72

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    Not to be the bearer of bad news, however if your being hired at this time of the year it might not be a a FT permanent position no matter what they tell you. This is the free period of the year in most areas meaning anyone hired and that works between now and up to the second week in January is considered a seasonal hire and doesn't gain seniority after 30 days. If they keep you after January 15 you can add permanent to your title until then your seasonal. If they lay you off before January 15th and they would need to hire you back before May 1st for you to be considered FT. Other wise you could get hired back as a seasonal employee again....

    Good luck
  10. hellfire

    hellfire no one considers UPS people."real" Teamsters.-BUG

    You and your damned facts.....
  11. UPSGUY72

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    is that good or bad..
  12. Wally

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    How the heck does anyone not a millionaire afford to live in the bay area?
  13. Goldblooded

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    I am from Northern California. Well during the interview with the HR, I asked to make sure that I am full time permanent and HR said I won't be laid off like the seasonal temps. Based on your experience with UPS HR, are they trustworthy?
  14. UPSGUY72

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    They will tell and promise you a lot of things to get you in the door. They also have no control on whether you get laid off or not after peak. There might be a position that needs to be filled but you will be competing for that position with all the other people they hired from not to January 15th. That means you need to show up to work everyday and produce good number and don't get into an accident... Even at that there is no guarantee you will be working after January 15th. But if you call in often, can't produce good numbers or get into an accident you can pretty much kiss a permanent job at UPS good bye...
  15. SaladTosser

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    Well if your start date is the same as 20 other guys then what he says may be true. ^
  16. 40 and out

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    You need to ask what the situation is in the area where your job will be instead of getting advice from us resident know it alls on here who are basing our advice on our local situation which is probably completely different from where you are.
  17. Goldblooded

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    HR said that I am being hired as a permanent FT driver and not a temp or seasonal. HR said I won't be laid off even if the season is slow. I just don't know if I trust the words of HR.

    BTW, I never worked for UPS. I do have a commercial license and experience in driving.
  18. Man Of Brown

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    Dude I want to reiterate you will be laid off when things get slow. You won't be permanently laid off but you won't work every day. I just hit my year mark last month and I was cut on Monday. Our bottom guys are only working 2-3 days a week.

    So HR is correct you won't be laid off as in let go. But you will have days you will be laid off.
  19. Faceplanted

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    This is the peoblem with you and lots of full time guys in my center. If you are full time and not peak/seasonal, you are guaranteed your 8 hours. Those 8 hours may be in the hub but you are guaranteed 8. These new full time guys in my center take lay off days all the time and complain that management says it's slow. It doesn't matter!!! Full time means 8 hours!!!!! Talk to your Stewart for the love of God. You are setting a precedent that will follow you for years. Stand up for your self, and be prepared to start getting harassed. Be ready to file the harassment if it comes under retaliation for asking for your 8 he guarantee. We have maybe 8 new fill time guys in our center and one has listened to me,, the others have been getting pushed around all year

    To the op, shut your mouth and bust your ass for your 30 days. Once that's done find out your classification asap as well as your pay code. That will tell you weather you are perminant full time. IMHO don't even ask anybody in your center weather its your on road or center manager what your real classification is as that might be enough for them to dq you. Once you got your 30 talk to a good steward and know your rights
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    Not the same everywhere.