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  1. Big Babooba

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    How many buildings have a full time preload shift? I'm not talking about back to back part timers or Article 22 workers. I'm talking about a full time shift where the workers are paid the full time preload rate in the contract and work a guaranteed 8 hour shift. I know of two buildings and have been told that they are the only two. Are there any others?
  2. Kis124

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    I know there is one in Burtonsville, MD
  3. Baba gounj

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    Watertown, Mass.
    about 40-50 full time and several combos.

    { also referred as Adult Child care }
  4. laffter

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    How can you work a full time preload shift? What do you do after the cars leave, clean toilets?
  5. bluehdmc

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    I believe Melville, NY has a full-time preload. I was told that when I asked about people coming in real early in the a.m (like 1:30). I was dropping off a preload trailer.
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    The shift starts at 11:45 pm and ends around 8:45 - 9:00 am. These people get he rate as FT Drivers if not a a little more but they hardly get any OT. The Building Big Babooba is talking about is Springfield, Ma.
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    Geneva, NY.
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