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    Last Tuesday I interviewed for what was described as a Temporary Cover Driver but was told that as long as I was hired before Oct 15th I would be considered full time. I asked again and was told the same thing. I was told that I would drive as needed but if I was not driving I would work in the warehouse. Does this sound correct? Any idea of how much I should expect to drive or will I spend the majority of my time in the warehouse? Any advise will be greatly appreciated.I took and passed the road test on Friday, I took the DOT physical on Saturday and am scheduled to go to drivers school on the 6th of Oct.

    I just want to make sure I am not setting myself up to be screwed. Thanks.
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    Don't do it
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    I think you are confusing permanent PT Temp driver with FT cover driver. Our cover drivers don't work inside and are guaranteed 8 hours a day.
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    Think what HR really meant is that you won't be considered a seasonal hire since you're in before 10-15. Which means you'll be able to achieve seniority as a permanent employee. You'll probably still be part time in the "warehouse" from January-May when temp drivers can't be utilized.
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    But between now and December, you'll be put out full time only as needed (with the 6 week/30 day training/probationary period a sure thing if done right). If there are enough permanent bid and cover drivers on any given day you'll be in preload.
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    If I am considered a permanent employee will I get 40 hours or will it be just as I am needed? Also any idea even a guesstimate of how much this position actually drives? There is a big difference in pay 28.45 while driving and 11.00 in the warehouse. Thanks for any feedback
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    I spoke to HR and they said I would be considered a permanent employee but not full time. So with that information do I have to wait a full year before I receive insurance? Also any help on how many hours driving versus hours in the warehouse would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    If you just got hired at ups I'm assuming it depends on your local how long you have to wait for benefits (mine is 1 year now) as far as driving goes I don't know package car hours probably 10-11 hour days depending on locations? Only down fall is since you're not full time when your not driving you go back to what ever your doing now part time loading or unloading for 4-5 hours a day.

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    I would pretty much guarantee your getting hired as a casual/seasonal driver NOT a TCD no matter what your HR personal told you. TCD are PT ups employees that sign up for that specific job. If you where a TCD you should be working in the warehouse until they send you to driving school on OCT 6. Off the street temporary driver are call casuals or seasonal. Also if things work out they might keep you on after peak as a PTimer that works back inside the building either on the preload or local sort shift and you wouldn't be guaranteed TCD job unless your had enough seniority next time the opportunity arose.

    You have to start working before Oct 15. Whether that's being sent to driving school or actually driving is open to interpretation telling you your hired isn't good enough.

    Being hired as a seasonal employee as you are you will only driving when volume dictates and when you not driving you most likely will not be working in the warehouse until after Dec 24. I can say that because if you where going to be working in the warehouse when you not driving you would be working in it till they sent you to driving school.

    Good luck You first have to pass driving school.