Funniest names you've seen on pkgs


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I'm looking to hear some of the funniest(actual and factual) names you've seen on address labels. I have an Edgardo Penas on my route. The guy next to me delivers to a dude with the last name Turnipseed, but the best one I've ever heard was today when a campus driver said he delivered to a Peter Gripper. That's grounds for justifiable homicide for catching a name like that; especially from your parents.:crying:


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I have George Bush, Bill Clinton, and John Holmes living in the same subdivision. And Harry Dick lives in the same town. I also have a Gay doctor on my area named Dr. Morehead.

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I've got a Sandercock - ouch!

Cockburn - ouch!

Seen one for a Huge L. Steel - pornstar name if I ever heard one.

Nice lady with the last name Beaglehole - cracks me up every time.


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Saw a Kathy Craig Corn yesterday...... but I don't care. :laugh:

The weirdest personally was when I delivered a tombstone that had my complete name on it. And the widow/consignees name was the same as my mother.

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I have an asian guy that receives for one my commercial stop. When I first started on my route, I thought that he took an American name - Wilson. Eventually, he received a personal package with his full name - Son, Wil Suk (Wil Suk Son). Either way I would not want that name.


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I've delivered to a Mrs. Fishcock & I on a split route I deliver to a teacher at my old high school. Her name is Paula Dick, funniest part about that is her daughter recently got married but decided to keep her name. If your last name was Dick wouldnt you be dying to get it changed?