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    I remember this incident from a few years ago, it was indeed pretty funny :laugh:.

    I'm not sure whatever happened with it, though. Did UPS prevail in a patent infringement lawsuit?
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    Trickpony...You look exatly as I had imagined, judging fromthe tone of your posts.
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    You have managed to confuse me, though truth be told that's not all that difficult...
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    The way I read it,ups_vette is refering to the ups doll in response to something that another member had formerly posted.I don`t think
    he was talking about you Jones...
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    Maybe someone can explain it to me.
    How did I get mentioned in this particular thread?
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    Gosh, Vette, I'm still waiting for an explanation of your unsolicited, unprovoked attack on me.
    Because I don't subscribe to the "wine and roses" motif so prevalent on this message board I must be gay.
    Have you any more brilliant deductions?
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    Trick I'll support your right to come out of the closet as long as you don't leave the bedroom.:lol:
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    Thanks Tie.
    I knew I could count on you to "hit and run" the nasty ol' hourly union worker and others whom you deem to be lesser persons than yourself.
    One of the benefits of this board is the comic relief it offers and the friendly exchange of ideas and humor it allows but I would never stoop so low as to allude, infer or imply that another poster leads an "alternate lifestyle", like that would be anybody's business anyway.
    I believe one of the trademarks of a sociopath is the degradation of others to make himself look good.
    And, yes, "Vette", I accept your apology.
    There you go.
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    Trick if you read that joke that way then you have some self esteem problems you need to deal with.
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    A while back we had a driver I'll call Bob. He was married with kids and was notorius for calling in on Fridays--a real team player. In Thursday's pcm, mgt. told us we were even--driver to routes for Friday(before Labor Day). Sure enough Bob calls in. The sup's were forced to split out his entire route---all business. The 4 drivers around him were given the stops and the p/u log.

    Each of the drivers went into his stops and when asked "where's Bob" they answered "he and his life partner are getting some tests done" or "Bob is finally getting that enhancement operation he so badly needs". Bob came back Tuesday and didn't know which comment was made to which stop or if they had a delivery at all.. Needless to say Bob quit calling in and bid off that route shortly after!
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    OMG poor ole Bob!!! that happenened here a guy left a route to train for feeder a couple of weeks when he returned all his customers kept looking at him funny he said....turns out the person got tired of hearing "Where's Bob?" and told everyone he had been caught with a couple of teen-age boys on his car in a compromising position :) BC
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    After I got back from vacation a few years ago I was delivering to one of my customers, and the woman at the front desk was giving me some strange looks, and just an odd vibe from everybody, and finally I was like, "what's going on?" she finally said they heard about my "other job" I didn't know what she was talking about, so finally she said, we heard about your dancing job,:w00t: male stripper or something, so I laughed, and asked if she heard that from a certain one of our drivers wih a crew cut, and she said, laughed quite loud, and confirmed it. He told them I did private strip dancing on the side:blushing: It took me quite awhile to convence them he was lying through his teeth, and joking around!

    He is always clowning like that and was told another drivers customers when he covered his run, that their regular driver was in rehab for being an alcoholic etc...That driver didn't take it so well, and didn't think his joking was funny. Later he would laugh but was highly pissed initially, this guy does that alot. It's funny after you can get your customers to realize he's full of crap!:tongue_sm
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    What am I missing here? When I pull up this site all I get is an advertizement for poppers. I didn't even realize they sold them anymore. At my age they would be called a heart attack in a bottle.

    As far as talking trash about drivers to the customers when they are off, well I guess that could be funny, but only if the driver has a good and long relationship with them. A guy here bid on a run and the driver who was on that run before him told the customers he was gay. Shouldn't matter if he was, but the fact is he was not. Point being the guy started a new run and before he had a chance to get to know the customers many already had a problem with him. Starting a new run is hard enough without being prejudged by the people you deal with every day. I felt bad for the driver. To me that wasn't funny.
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