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    I don't doubt that there is some global warming taking place. The question is how much and how fast. I do think Climatologist tend to over dramatize the threat in order to secure government funding.

    By the way anyone find any gas price gougers yet? We have all the federal and state government leaders promising they will look for and prosecute any price gougers. Just wondering if anyone has gotten busted yet?:lol: :lol: :lol:
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    Mobile On The Go Station
    $3.33 for regular
    Yikes!! :scared:
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    Great point. Take a trip somewhere and watch how the prices fluctuate as you go with higher prices in the city and lower prices in rural areas. As I watch the politicians talk about how they are looking for gouging I am reminded of elmer fudd looking for that pesky rabbit. you just know the rabbit always wins. :thumbup1: :thumbup1:
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    Sen. Hillary Clinton gave a speech yesterday at the National Press Club on energy policy and I have to say I was very impressed with what she had to say. Although as a libertarian I tend to disdain gov't in a variety of areas as solving problems because the historical track record is the problem gets worse because it does get politicized and then instead of overcoming and moving on we allow gov't to create bureaucracies and then further the problem by mandating policies that propel the problem well into the future as the bureaucracy must now do all it can to propetuate itself to protect it's own creation and future.

    That said however, Clinton proposed many interesting solutions and directions in which to move us away from the need for more foreign oil and also several sensible efforts concerning the environmental threats that face us. I never trust any politician but I applaud her efforts to open the conversation to other options out there that do exist right now. The speech she gave yesterday is well worth the watch on C-Span in replay and IMO will carry a huge amount of weight with the average American as it relates to any potential 08' White House run. Give credit where credit is due. Thumbs up to Sen. Clinton on this one.

    I also watched a program over the weekend that I caught towards the end where the situation in Iran was being discussed. What interested me in the discussion was the fact that several years ago Iran was tettering on a more open society and even possible openness to western type democracy but that all changed when the price of oil went through the roof which re-empowered old regime thought processes. Going one step further, it was at this same time that Mr. Chavez to our south started his "big talk" as with his new found money, he felt empowered to do a little muscle flexing. The opinion givers on the show layed out an interesting scenario to prove the point that since oil has shot up, this has give rise to much saber rattling amongst a few nations out there. The point they were ultimately making was the more we can make the US energy independent of foreign needs, the less the pull from the large global market which helps to drop prices and in turn drop a lot of saber rattling by folks we know to be tinhorn despots. Hard to rattle the saber when you ain't got the folding money to buy a saber in the first place!

    Oddly enough, Sen Clinton ideas actually went to the heart of this issue above so in effect she is proposing ideas that also have a direct impact of making the world safer without a shot fired if the ideas expressed by the round table discussion I saw did in fact have leverage and I personally do believe that to be the case. This lady is no dummy at all and I do believe even with her past baggage she can win in Nov. 08' if she decides to run.
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    Gas Prices take off #87560
    By Jimmy Margulies, The Record of Hackensack, NJ - 12/31/2010 12:00:00 AM

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    Aint that the truth. Back over $3 here, and it will stifle any recovery.

    Discretionary income will go into the gas tank instead of the economy.
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    One possible response is that the personal savings rate is actually higher for the past few years then it has been for some time; thus, if there ever was a time that the average American family unit could afford higher transportation costs, it is now.

    Not to say that it won't stifle any recovery, but from the perspective of a for-profit company interested in milking the system, it might make sense.
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    Just watching the Your$$$$ show.

    For 2011 they are predicting, yet, more pressure on the US dollar and a further downward trend.
    Therfor they are saying to invest against the greenback, by buying commodities, such as oil and Gold, and even foreign currency.

    This was the movement on the nasdaq website yesterday :

    [BRIEFING.COM] The dollar index is in the red and just touched new session lows. This is providing price support to select commodities this morning.
    Soft and industrial commodities (Sugar +3.0%, cotton +2.7%, nickel +1.9%, copper +1.4% and coffee +1.0%) are leading the CRB Commodity Index, which is currently 0.4% higher at 328.49.

    In my opinion your gas prices will easily hit $4 gallon by summertime, again, if the US dollar does drop as predicted.
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    And you can then kiss two things goodbye:

    1. Any economic recovery.

    2. Any chance of a second term for Obama.
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    and the push for all of us to buy an electric car.

    ( had one once , could only travel has far as the power cord could reach )
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    Obama's Coming Energy Recession

    While the Middle East turmoil may have been unavoidable, the Obama Administration’s mind numbing opposition to allow the development our own domestic national resources is either the height of incompetence or borders on treason for its deliberate impact of weakening the American economy.

    Any rational government would immediately open up as many sources as possible to begin producing domestic oil and gas rapidly. Instead, the Administration has declared the Eastern Seaboard off limits for drilling, has moved against proven oil drilling sites in the Arctic Sea, refuses to consider opening Alaska’s ANWR, and is dawdling in re-opening drilling in the Gulf.

    Of course, environmentalists are actively rooting for this economy choking development, as Daniel Gatti of the green website, The Grist, writes, “Oil prices above $5 per gallon would make oil dependence the paramount energy and economic issue of the next Congress.”
    Gatti argues that this is the opportunity for environmentalists to push for more renewable energy and finally end their war on fossil fuels.
    Of course, Gatti fails to acknowledge that environmentalists will be almost solely responsible for the crisis that they hope to benefit from, as their short-sided, political war on U.S. domestic energy production has directly resulted in our extreme dependence upon foreign oil in the first place.

    Natural gas? They don’t like it, because they believe that new drilling techniques are environmentally unsafe. No science behind it, but if it is drilled, it must be bad.

    Coal? Forget about it, even the cleanest burning coal is inherently evil, after all have you seen pictures of how dirty those miners get, yech.

    Nuclear? Obama’s Energy Department has illegally ended the only plan for safe storage of nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain, so this clean energy producing source is being hamstrung at every turn. Besides, nuclear power plants are run by people like Homer Simpson, and we don’t want that.

    Oil? C’mon, there isn’t enough of a supply, but even if there is, it requires drilling in areas that are just too pristine to touch. You can’t drill in Alaska — too perfect, no people, so we have to protect it. You can’t drill the abundant reserves off the coast of California — too many people would see the oil platforms, and besides the tax revenues for the state might actually save them from bankruptcy.

    The Gulf Coast? Heck, the Obama Administration has been declared in “contempt of court” by a federal judge in New Orleans due to their refusal to follow a decision to reopen the Gulf Coast to drilling.

    So even though the Bakken Oil Field in Montana, North Dakota and Saskatchewan, Canada looks to rival the Saudi oil fields, environmentalist strangleholds on production of other domestic fields has put the U.S. economy at the mercy of Islamist extremist revolutions in the Middle East.

    The only questions that remain are whether the Obama Administration is incompetent or willfully negligent, and whether the American public will finally declare an end to this “green” madness that is directly responsible for what I fear is the final American economic death spiral.

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    Ah, The Good Ole' Dayz!

    Did we have it good or did we have it good!

    Might as well laugh cause we're screwed either way!
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    That is what i like about bringing up old threads....:)
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    For some reason I can still remember the day gas hit 50 cents a gallon. I also remember riding with my Dad and stoping at a station that was involved in a gas war with the station across the street and gas was 13 cents a gallon.
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    the guys working there would pump the gas and clean your windshield.
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    I can remember $.19 cents a gallon and in the 60's my friends and I could walk the highway and collect 5 or 6 pop bottles, turn them in for the deposit money and then ride our mini bikes the better better part of a week on the gas money. Gas then was 20 something cents a gallon. Ah, the good ole days when littering really paid!

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    And so it begins:

    Attack Shuts Down Iraqs Largest Oil Refinery