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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by moreluck, Apr 26, 2006.

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    :wink2:Obama promised alot during his run for the office.
    Did we forget one promise--energy will skyrocket as per his plan to force us into alternatives (that do not presently exist-Minor detail)
    The last time gas hit these prices the housing bubble burst-- the runup to that was a pretty decent economy.
    Today with the debt where it is ,the state of the economy including the high % of unemployed and if anyone has shopped lately the price of basic food has risen drastically.

    With states and cities on the verge of bankruptcy, unions protesting in the streets,
    Stimulous money in the states dries up by this summer, massive layoffs will happen in the public sector---including police--I am a peaceful person but I am prepared. IF you do not believe in "stocking up" and also have the means to protect your families --stop and think !!:sad-little:

    As the new Mayor of Chicago once told Obama to never miss a chance to take advantage of a disaster --there is more than just one way to stay in power !!
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    Some suggest water is the next resource that is the target of Big Corp. and may be the next "reason" in which wars and authoritarian states exert and flex their muscle.

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    My personal opinion is that we need to have a $1 or $2 per gallon "deficit reduction tax" on gasoline.

    The current turmoil in the Middle East is simply more proof that we as a nation have a dangerous addiction to foreign oil and we are extremely vulnerable to events overseas that are beyond our ability to control.

    We must wean ourselves off of the addiction by any means necessary. $6 a gallon for gas wont be a problem for me since my car gets 45MPG on locally-produced renewable biodiesel. If everybody in the USA drove a car that got 40MPG we wouldnt need to import any oil from the Middle East at all.

    Its not rocket science. We just have to start making rational decisions about what we choose to drive.
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    Not everyone is working today and many that do are living on the edge. The working middle class is under tremendous pressure today. Go to the supermarket and look at the basic food prices. Many cannot afford to buy a new car or one that runs at 45mph. Putting gas up to six dollars will crush them and also do a number on the company that you work for. Additional taxes that the politicians waste are never the answer.
    Six dollar gas in todays economy is not a "rational decision"
    Alaska has gas and oil resources that would place them at 6th in the world. The dems have been saying for over 5o years that even if we started drilling today --we would not see results for 10 years ?? Is that rational ???
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    Mean estimates of recoverable oil in ANWR are about 10.5 billion barrels. Currently the US consumes about 7.7 billion barrels per year so it works out to about a year and half worth of oil at our current rate of consumption which really isn't that much. Oil is a finite resource, so regardless of where we get it from eventually it's all going to be gone. We really need to start figuring out how to get off oil completely instead of running around trying to find more like a crackhead looking for another hit.
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    Believe it or not I do not disagree with you. We should be doing EVERYTHING. Drilling and using our finite resources,plus wind, solar, gas,coal, nuclear everything.
    Not drilling off the coast and in Alaska- we are making the problem worse.
    Also we can pull different estimates on ALASKA and sand pits and offshore from various sources --some very high --some very low --if you go with the middle there is alot of energy to be used !! If we had been full out drilling for the past ten years we would be in much better shape to ease off and develop alternatives.
    Global warming ??? Years ago it was blocking the sun --global cooling -alot of people make money on extremes.
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    The sooner we depleat our fossil fuel supplies the sooner we can move on to other forms of energy. All this pissing around trying to save gas is accomplishing nothing but making big oil richer. I say we bring back the Humvees.
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    I saw a big yellow Hummer today....looked good!
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    Damn----now we will never run out of oil
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    What a brilliant way to boost the economy and get this country out of the red and into the black. What are we waiting for? The middle east needs our agriculture exports way more than we need their oil. Karma is a wonderful thing.
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    I searched "bakken oil shale" on and my suspicions were true...the above is a chain e-mail that has been going around the Internet for a few years now and it is mostly BS. There is some oil there but the technically recoverable amount is equal to about a year's worth of domestic consumption at most.
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    Snopes is great for finding BS chain emails...i use it often. Check out the history on the Bakken Oil shale on Wiki as it is very interesting and looks to hold a huge amount of oil:
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    Mass. company making diesel with sun, water, CO2

    CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) - A Massachusetts biotech company is claiming it can produce renewable diesel fuel using the same ingredients that make grass grow.
    Joule Unlimited in Cambridge says it has invented a genetically-engineered cyanobacterium that simply secretes the diesel - or ethanol - at remarkable rates.
    The organisms live in water and take in sunlight and carbon dioxide. They then produce and directly secrete ethanol or hydrocarbons - the basis of various fuels, such as diesel - as a byproduct of photosynthesis.
    Other methods for making fuel from solar energy use "biomass," such as corn or algae. Joule says its technology is far less expensive.
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    It is worth pointing out that this is simply a duplication of the process that caused oil deposits to form over billions of years.

    Most of the oil that is drilled out of the ground came from billions of years worth of algae and other organic material that grew in the water and absorbed energy from sunlight via photosynthesis. Over eons, the algae died and sank to the bottom of the worlds oceans where it was buried under silt and subjected to extreme pressure, becoming crude oil or coal.
    When we burn fossil fuels, we are consuming solar energy that struck the earth millions or billions of years ago and was stored within the remains of the algae or other organic life forms that absorbed it.

    Enough solar energy strikes the earth in one hour to meet all of mankinds energy needs for one year. The challenge for us is in finding a way to capture, store and transport that energy. Up until now the easiest and cheapest way has been to tap the earths "savings account" of solar energy that is stored in fossil fuels, but that account is running low and pretty soon we will be forced to "pay as we go". Technologies such as the one described are the future; fossil fuels are the past.
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    Our local police department installed a geothermal heating/cooling system and solar panels as part of a recent renovation which was paid for with drug seizure money.
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    Good way to spend the money. :)

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    Old thread, but gas prices are creeping up to record highs.
    Here in Edmonton we just seen a 10cent/ltr increase on Tuesday, alone.

    I paid $1.10/9 to fill up on Tuesday.
    Considering 1 US gallon is 3.7854 liters (C$1.109 x 3.7854 = C$4.198)
    C$4.198 x 1.045 (C$1.00 = US$1.045) = US$4.387 per gallon !

    And that's in Edmonton, AB (cheapest gasoline prices in all of Canada), other provinces and cities pay $1.35/ltr (= US$5.34 per gallon) !!!
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    Our local stations are all hovering just below $4/gal--no one wants to be the first to break that barrier.
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