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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Nov 10, 2009.

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    Great title.

    the new George also now owns the Bush tax cuts which the democrats claimed helped the rich and screwed the poor.
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    any time bush is mentioned , this video is going up
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    Also when the BUSH tax cuts expire ----all income levels will pay at least 5% more --a dirty secret the Dem's don't tell us.
    Anyone can google the IRS tax schedule under Clinton AND compare it to the Tax table presently -------While 5% meant more saved dollars for the rich ----5% more to the lower levels was and will be very painful !!!!:sad-little:
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    Agreed. If they let it expire then I hope the republicans have the sense to make the tax increase an issue in elections.
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    Which is underhanded and disingenuous given how well our country performs when we take money from the rich.
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    You guys should be cheering Obama on his actions in the Latin America Region. He's going full tilt after your favorite western hemisphere bad guy.

    Chavez, Paranoid or Baited?

    The other question is what do Obama supporters and defenders think of this in light of their belief that Obama was in fact a different direction at least on the foreign front from that of BUSH? What does this also say of the man who won the Nobel Peace Prize who was to bring a "change" in nationstate conflicts?