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    I will try to make this short. I had a 8 hour, wasn't going to make it. Told them in the morning and sent messages throughout the day. At 4:45p.m. I received the following message from one of our on car supervisors that said "stop sending messages and get delivering". Can't wait till tomorrow when I talk to the shop steward.
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    Not to sound like I'm on their side, but they're right you know. They know what they sent you out with, you don't need to remind them all day. Then when you don't make your 8 hour day, file a grievance then next day under Article 37 (and all others that may apply) and request full penalty pay.
    I do this regularly as there is no feasible way for them to get my 8 hour request unless they cover my last 7-10 pickups or cut enough work off my trip so that I can take a full hour lunch (half hour approved) and still make all my pickups.
    Dig in and file the next day if you don't make your 8.

    I too would share this info with my steward BTW, as it could be deemed as a form of harassment.
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    They are ALWAYS right LOL. Unfortunately we don't have a penalty pay here in the central.
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    ‚ÄčIf there is no penalty,then why would the company ever honor it. You might need to read article 37 as cement mentioned.
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    Pull a sick load - simple
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    We don't get "penalty pay". Unfortunately this is not my first time having to deal with this nor my first grievance on the matter. I will gladly re read the article and see if there is something I might be missing. I would love to have more money.
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    I send a message at 1400 stating i will not make my 8 hour request and need help to do so. If I dont get help i get 2 hours straight time penalty pay from the grievance.
    If i were to get a message such as yours I wouldn't be surprised if my SPORH dropped to the single digits
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    You know what's funny, some of the other cover drivers, they say "you can't be on the 9.5 list, and if you file, you get nothing."

    Gosh, that's funny, I've made an assload of $$$ on grievances this year for 9.5.... tell me how that works again?

    Maybe call your business agent and see where that gets you.
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    And an extra 8 hr day for that month. In our center, I tell the guys to file and then sign up for another 8 hr day. If it is refused, than file immediately on the refusal and collect another penalty. Its so easy. Had a driver collect 120 dollars when he was violated twice in early August. He then signed up for his replacement days, which the Sup approved. He was violated on the first make up day(he filed) and we wait til Friday for his second. Talk about easy money.
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    We don't need penalty pay in the Central Region.

    We have something better. You can bring the work back to the building.... to get your approved 8 hr request.

    That JAC decision, has been around since the early 80's. Use it once.... and you will never have a problem again.

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    Get ritch playing the game. Single digit stops per hour= more penalty pay
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    how many hrs do you guys and gals work on a non 8 or 9.5? just wondering since I put in 55-60 a week for last 32 years.
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    This would be my reply!message.jpg
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    At the most I would sent only message before lunch and that's all. I normal tell my drone sups the day before and that's it (of course the request 5 days before as well). Like said above if it isn't honored file, then use your next and repeat.
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    I am on the 9.5. list. work about 45 - 47 hours a week. Paychecks are smaller but I feel a whole lot better! and I have a little bit of a life now!
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    @BigUnionGuy That is what I got in return after sending a message asking how do you want me to ship these up when I bring them back
  18. Brownslave688

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    Bingo. Although sometimes with thick headed sups it takes more than once.
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    Just for my own curiosity. Where is it stated that we can do this and not get into trouble?
  20. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    Next time they sent me a 5th message about hydrating my reply would be " stop sending me messages I'm delivering"