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    So I've been back with the company since June. It seems a lot longer, but that's all. Since then, I unsuccessfully attempted to get promoted again. Now, I've got to start the process all over again. I go in every day, bust my ass, and see maybe 30-40 bucks for the effort, which doesn't even cover my bills. Why do I even bother anymore?

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    People are in the PT positions @ UPS for plenty of reasons. Health insurance, desire to move upward in the company, family reasons, etc. If you are using UPS as a part time job and are complaining about money to cover your bills. You need to find a better paying FT job.
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    go into pkg driving and make $300 a day
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    Couldnt agree anymore... :thumbup1:
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    yup :thumbup1:. i love pt'ers that feel they're entitled to $20/hr, even with the health benefits, and 3-4 hours commmitment a night.
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    I don't feel I'm entitled to $20/hr, but I do think for how much I bust my ass, I should at least make a living wage. Bascially, this job ain't worth it, anymore.
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    central24-if you feel that way why don't you move on?
  8. while I agree it is not a job to live off of (some of the old timers at or near top rate excluded), the starting wage is a can make that anywhere. Hell starbucks pays 8.50 and gives you benefits as well as I was recently informed by my cousin. I make more than 8.50 at UPS but that isn't the point. I don't think we should be at 20 dollars an hour either (though i wouldn't complain if we were haha, come on who would?) but what does the fact that its for 3.5-5 hrs have to do with it? Its still hard work lol. I think it should be at the very least equal to fedex seeing as we do more work than they do (more volume). It may also make them more selective about who they get to work here as they'll be paying a more respectable wage. They may even attract more quality people than they would with a wage that can be had at a mcdonalds. It may even make people want to stay longer than say a couple days when they see it isn't worth 8.50 an hour for this not to mention your checks are even further reduced due to union initiation fees (no its not a knock against the union just a statement).

    I understand the preload gets a shift differential and it should having worked others shift during peak I can honestly say the preload is the hardest of them all (IMO) and the least appreciated. The night shift gets (not that I want or require this) pizza parties almost every week, a bonus for showing up every night on time (or they did not sure if this still holds true) etc. The workers feel appreciated. The preload gets nothing except "hey you guys sucked today."

    but bottomline I think the PT wages could go up a little. We put up with bull just like the FTimers do (maybe not as much), but at least they are better compensated for it. I'm not looking for that kind of wage for this job, but at least a little bump up would be nice seeing as the starting wage hasn't been bumped in many years.
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    Hey partimers you can thank the teamsters for negotiating the "Best Contract Ever" !!!!!! Thats when they "Agreed to a lower wage for you folks" !!!!!! Now thats loyalty for your $ :-)
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    :lol::lol::lol:living wage. so at 4 hours a night, it's $25/hr. kthx. i resent the way many of people like you think.

    last time i checked, part timers don't enter the labor market to make "living wages". that's what full time is for. you know, working sufficent hours to actually make a living. and UPS gives their drivers opulent 'living wages'. in fact, may argue that the wages UPS pays is significantly higher than their employees are worthy of.

    oh, and big news for your socialist/16 year old ass: pay is based on accountability, not how hard you work. don't like working up a sweat? go to college, coz' it ain't going to get any better for you.
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    The company rewards it's drivers (with pay). Heck look at the top pay for an Air Driver after 2 years of seniority. The preload/reload is not living wages type work unless you've basically rooted yourself in to the ground for the last decade or more.

    I know if the drivers of the set of cars that I used to load had any say they would get me $20/hr to load their trucks, but in reality that will never happen. So I got the chance to drive and haven't looked back. Preload, blech.
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    You sure do assume a lot about my unstated viewpoints.

    1. Cut the name-calling. It's childish and only diminishes my opinion of you.
    2. I'm in college. Hence, why I am a part-time employee.
    3. Where do you come up with $25/hr? I have even made suggestions as to what rate I think us package handlers should be paid. You assume that because I'm not making enough to keep up with my bills that I automatically want more than you likely make?
    4. You seem to resent those who work less hours than you.
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    Because I'm not trying to shoot myself in the foot too quick. In my interview, I told them, if rehired I intended on staying at least throughout college. If I'm going to break that promise, I want to be damn sure its a decision I won't regret.
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    I will agree with you, with loaders working and loading 5 and 6 trucks a morning, for 8.50 an hour, why not go scoop ice cream for 10.00 an hr? UPS is funny in this way, and no, PT'ers shouldn't match the pay of Drivers, but yet, they shouldn't get paid slave labor either. The pay isn't the only matter, now the matter in most districts has turned into the turnover problem, well the problem with turnover is people in college, and ones that are going to higher paying jobs PT, they unfortunately don't care about benefits, they care about the almighty dollar. Is UPS great for College students, my answer would be yes, but they are the minority who apply, lets face that fact, and regardless, if they do, most of them can't handle the job. Increase the pay a dollar or so more, and let the pt'ers find a nice second job, and you will find people, when you pay someone 8.50 an hour, you hire an 8.50 an hour employee which 50 percent of the time isn't worth keeping.
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    Hoser seems to resent everybody.
    I'm surprised Atlanta hasn't actively recruited him to relocate to the ivory towers so he can impart his wisdom there.
    NEWS FLASH! I was a preloader when Hoser was still in liquid form. I was making $12-15 an hour. Why is it $8.50 an hour now? Wait......let me's all the "Reamster's" (your words not mine) fault and "our" (there's that word again) company didn't have anything to do with it.:lol: :lol: :lol:
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    Central-did you ask questions about the pay, benefits, number of hours you will be working, joining the union, and such? did they lie to you about all of these questions you had before accepting the job?
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    I worked 48 hours last week. Routes will not be put in per the district office. The thought is we are live on PAS and things are going smooth. That's not the case. I just take the hours, and don't see my family.
  19. who ever said 25/hr? I was thinking more like 12-14, or better yet change the raise schedule to every 6 months and leave the wages as they are, it'd still take many years to make top rate for a preloader (which is MORE than a living wage, in fact I think its too much money but oh well). No one is asking for 25/hr hoser, you seem to be the one who fabricated that number. I hate to say this but us lowly hourlies (this job is for college money for night classes/extra$$ to pay off current college loans etc, I make plenty at my other job) are what makes this company move for the most part, yes management directs us but if there were no hourlies...drivers, feeders, package handler, there would be no UPS as theres not enough management to cover all that (and many of them are "above" it anyway.

    I'm not trying to get in a war here but you're attacking this guy because he thinks the starting wage sucks, no one will tell you its a fair wage because for what they want and how fast they want it done, it IS laughable. Even the drivers at my hub think its pitiful. On xmas eve one year they were like you're finally getting paid what you're worth (which for me at that time would be 16.50 at time and a half) Accountability? they ARE holding us accountable for everything they can't blame on someone else. Its our fault the system read the bar code wrong? you're going to fire us because of that resulting misload? hmmm or a warning letter and/or suspension for it? yea that sounds like accountability to me. You want to talk accountability? why then take a look at most management here...they ALWAYS find someone else to blame for their most recent idea not working. I'm not saying this is exclusive to UPS because its not but thats what this board is for.
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    I always thought of my parttime employment at UPS as a "Hell Week" that just lasted a little bit longer. You "rush", you get picked to "join" and then you go through a "hazing" for a period of time until you get to join the rest of the group. It just so happens that this "hazing" faze lasts years, not days. I think if more drivers were hired directly off the street, many more of these would quit as they would have no understanding of how the company operates and the "sense of urgency" that UPS would like all of us to move.
    And yeah, parttimers should be paid alot more than they are. Maybe instead of health benefits (if they chose to) they could take the cash difference? (I see the Teamsters being :censored2: about that one)