Getting Enough Sleep

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Feb 3, 2010.

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    Have we picked ourselves off the floor laughing yet? I know I'm talking to UPSers and that with lack of sleep seem to equal one another when it comes to us. With that, I read an interesting piece on sleep that I thought I'd pass on for your consideration. Hope you find it worthwhile and helpful.

    Sweet Dreams!
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    This could explain why I become more disturbed by minor stressful events. You should hear my potty mouth when the dog vigorously scratches at the patio door and I have to get up to open it and she stands there sniffing and doesn't go out. I call it a' weather check', after I cuss at her.

    I know my sleep patterns have changed since my surgery last year. I figure I'll just listen to my body and what it tells me to going to bed at 8 PM. If I get up at 4 AM, then I've had my 8 hours.

    I tape all the shows in prime time that I'm missing.