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    Is there a proper way of getting terminated? or is just being told by your fulltime supervisor enough? I had a family medical emergency which had me out of work for a week. I call to see if i was still employed and was told i wasn't. Maybe if i was allowed to explain myself for my absence or asked for proof things might of went different.
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    If you want some informed opinions you will need to give some more details about all the communication you had with your management team before, during, and after your absence. If you just disappeared for a week without telling anyone what was up you might in a tough spot.
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    That line tells me you knew you had done something that could warrant termination.
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    Go see your union immediately. If you genuinely had a family emergency, you'll get your job back, even if you were fired. And they cannot fire you over the phone.
  5. Yes, they can fire you over the phone and while the certified letter in enroute.
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    so here are the facts... i have had attendance problems in the past and not for very good reasons. My poor attendance was due to my not getting a paycheck for a little over a month and being dropped from my insurance for reasons unknown. I never complained about it,and now that i think about it maybe i should have. the reason for my being out for a week was due to my mother going out of town on business and i was to take care of my grandmother in her absence. Normally i wouldn't of had to call out for a week but unfortunately my grandmother is a diabetic and got sick. Her nurse isn't a live in so when the nurse left I had to step in. I have no good reason for not speaking to my supervisor sooner other than being stressed and concerned.I had called back the day before my mother got back from business and was told that i no longer had a job(over the phone). I wasn't even given a chance to explain. I would like to call the union but i don't know where to start some help would be appreciated, just a nudge in the right direction. And as far as me not getting paid and being dropped from my insurance while i was employed, lesson learned.
  7. Why did you not receive a paycheck for a month? Did you call-in sick and tell your supervisor you might not be in for a few days or did you not call at all for 5 days until you called to see if you were still employed? The general rule is usually that if you miss you have to call/report by the 3rd day and after 3 continuous days, you must provide a dr.'s excuse for your absence. You should go to your Teamster local and talk with the guy representing UPS employees and tell him your story. They might possibly be able to work something out with UPS under FMLA to cover you for your absence.
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    i was working the whole time waiting for a paycheck with lack of motivation of course god forbid my family or i had gotten sick in that time frame. What i think had happened was that i was off on disability and poor communication with Aetna and UPS resulted in accidental termination of my employment of UPS. UPS had been told that my claim wasnt approved when in fact it was. why it took so long to get me on the payroll again is beyond me, and on top of that i lost my vacation time since they paid it out to me. so to make it clear i was approved fro disabililty when i was off and yes i was working while not getting paid till much much later. And about the Dr's note, i wasn't sick but i was taking care of a family member. So if i want to talk to a teamster i should report to my previous work site and look for him?
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    and btw i have yet to receive the certified letter
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    no show no calls are a nono im aware of this, but just get the union behind you and you should be able to work things out (i hope)
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    how long were you an employee and what was your job?
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    i would of been there 2 years in June and i was a sorter in the midnight shift
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    i tried calling my full time supervisor but he's not taking my calls nor returning the messages i left on his voice mail.
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    What local are you? If you dont know what city/state do you work in?
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    i worked out of Secaucus, New jersey
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    Are you a member of the Teamsters Union? If so How have you been a member for 2 years and do not know how to contact your local Union hall. An even better question is what makes you think you deserve a job if you cannot show up for 5 days and never tell anyone that your not going to be there. I have no sympathy for people who cannot even have the common descency to pick up a damn phone and let someone know your not coming in, as far as UPS(and me too) is concerned you quit your job after the 3rd day, I am sorry for the family health issues, but if you cared at all about your job you would have called on the first day and told them what was going on!!!!!!
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    I just checked the weather forecast and, no, Hell has not frozen over----I agree with our favorite green grocer. This is called job abandonment and it is time for the OP to update his resume.
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    I read all these situations people get themselves into and it makes my career at UPS seem quite boring. Previous attendance problems and being out on disability probably didn't help your cause.
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    How in the world do you not call in and let them know what's going on???