Getting married and need to transfer

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by manvel17, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. manvel17

    manvel17 New Member

    I met my fiancee in Los Angeles CA and set to get married next year. I was wondering what is the process for a full time driver to transfer to LA? Any help is appreciated.
  2. Jackburton

    Jackburton Gone Fish'n

    Where are you from? Generally the only way to transfer for non school issues is to quit and get rehired.
  3. rod

    rod retired and happy

    Why not have her move to where you are?
  4. yeldarb

    yeldarb Member

    How long ago did you meet her? I get the vibe that it wasn't too long ago....have her move to your location. Odds are, if your full time with seniority, you won't find something comparable.
  5. OptimusPrime

    OptimusPrime Active Member

    That's how it's always been told to me. Even if say you could transfer, but lose all seniority at your position, you are stepping on the seniority of a PT looking to go FT. Though like several dealings at UPS, I bet if you knew the right people, they could make it happen.
  6. brown67

    brown67 Active Member

    There isn't a transfer policy. You can quit and maybe get rehired, but UPS doesn't do that much unless you're a part-timer going to college. I've never heard of a driver leaving and getting rehired. Actually its mainly a union issue to stop the confusion of drivers moving all around the country and messing up seniority. I wouldn't like it if someone moved into my center with more seniority and pushed me down the seniority list. We had a seasonal driver one Christmas who's wife got transferred from New York to Colorado. He was a full-time driver in New York and quit to move here with his wife. He hoped to work over Christmas and get rehired after peak, but they cut him loose.
  7. yeldarb

    yeldarb Member

    Drivers can transfer in our district, but they go to the bottom in seniority.
  8. manvel17

    manvel17 New Member

    I am from RI and she is waiting for a promotion. So her moving is not an option. I dont mind going to school too in LA. I also dont mind to go bottom of seniority since im pretty low in RI. All im worried about it is keeping my vacation weeks and my pay
  9. brown bomber

    brown bomber brown bomber

    I think if you transfer and do get rehired, you lose progression...and vacation
    you start off as a day one hire
  10. jrf4life

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    You cannot transfer. Think about it . If you leave you will be giving up your livelihood . Is her love that much too you ? Besides you are not married yet. What if you quit and you get a divorce 3 years from now ? In this economy you will be flipping burgers !
  11. jaker

    jaker trolling

    Good luck on you marriage and the best to you , talk to your center manager and see what he says but in reality I have seen guys transfer in state and everyone of them has reget it , they didnt lose pay but they lost all of their seniority
  12. pazizu

    pazizu New Member

    Ft employees cannot transfer, only part-time employees are allowed to transfer (unless you go into FT on-road supervisor, then you may have a chance).
  13. UPSGUY72

    UPSGUY72 Well-Known Member

    Your SOL. You would have to quit your job in RI and than get rehired in LA as a PT and start all over again. IF you where a PT you could try to do a educational transfer but than again you would have to enroll in a approved school.

    You can move to LA but your going to be out of a job atleast with UPS... unless you get rehired as a PTimer or you can stay in RI and still have a job and be out a possible new wife..... your choice....
  14. Indecisi0n

    Indecisi0n Well-Known Member

    Can he sign up for school and use that to transfer?
  15. barnyard

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  16. rocket man

    rocket man Well-Known Member

    what company do you work for? get out of your finnnn bubble and ask any one with a brain in your center because you dont have one, almost everyone in this company knows the transfer policy . and internet dating and marriage dosent work that good. so go back to the net and find a new wife who lives in your area. And why are you wating a year ? you are ready( now )you make enough money. Fly out there this weekend and go get married give her half of everything including the computer you met her on. send us pictures of the wonderful day.
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  17. 1989

    1989 Well-Known Member

    The transfer list goes up october 1st for 2013. Smaller 1 center buildings seem to give you a better chance for a transfer to become available.
  18. anonymous4

    anonymous4 Active Member

    You can't transfer without it being educational. Good luck!
  19. pickup

    pickup Well-Known Member

    There's a little guy in my head( amongst many other guys) that talks just like rocketman. He use to play a big role in my life but his duties have been diminished over the years. I was thinking of throwing him off the payroll completely but he does make sense at times and he expresses it in no nonsense terms. My nickname for him is "the Sab" , short for sabateur.

    He is a cynic and knows the value of nothing and tries to talk me out of everything. Sometimes he gives good advice and sometimes bad. He is a good consultant but he no longer is in charge of anything. He use to be the acting C.E.O. of my company. Of course, I never let him post here(at least without being filtered by others in my company).

    Whether he is right or wrong, no one would listen to him because he is so abrasive. Still he is a valuable part of my company as rocketman is to the browncafe.
  20. ibt

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    In the central region where I'm from there is no process also nothing in master contract. Tried to work out a deal like this for a guy when I was union local prez quit and try and get rehired.Even if you did you lose all vac seniority and start out as new hire in wage progression