Getting my dependants changed


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Any one have a easy fix here?? I have needed to change my Fed and State dependance status sence Feb. I was told to go to to change the Fed. I printed out the form from the state and turned it in about the same time eather has changed. Its been about 5 weeks and still no change on my check. It was so simple when i started this job 16 years ago you filled out a form and it was done. Am i jumping the gun here or do you think something is wrong. Thanks again for any imput..


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Are you talking about changing/updating your W-4? If you are then, yes, you can change the Fed on in the same section that you go to to check your pay. You should be able to download a W-4 for your state from their tax website and turn the updated form in to your center team.


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when i changed my fed it showed on the next check..i havent changed my state didnt know where to go..but now i do...