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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by The Milkman, May 8, 2013.

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    I am thinking back when UPS came to us in local 177 and were showing us Medical plans that we had to choose from about 10 or more yrs ago.. I chose plan 2 not the traditional plan that I was on for about 20yrs. I was told by UPS that I must be on this plan for 4 years before I retire so I can leave with a $50.00 monthly premium and also carry dental and vision when I retire. Also a mail order prescription plan was included. Well I did just that and now it seems like UPS wants us to go back to a 80/20 co pay plan? Sounds like something like the Traditional plan of years ago? Yes, you adjust to the new plan and now the Brain trusts in Atlanta, want to go backwards in time.. Wake up Union Brothers and Sisters your time is coming when you to will feel the sting of GREED from Ups upon your lives. The lives that made this company into a Worldwide Global Player. We are just pieces of the game of Greed and we are discarded after we are no longer of any use to the lying, backstabbing puppet management teams that crack the whip to motivate us to go above and beyond for what?? This is what you get..Your reward is more and more givebacks so the FAT CATS who call the shots at their board meetings can laugh all the way to the bank...Think about it before you vote..I was a rookie one time...I listened to the senior drivers..They saw well before I got there the crap dealt out on a daily basis. Listen to them..They will tell you the truth. listen, your future is at stake...

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    Was hopeing this post would get you to seriously think before you vote..Just telling it like it is:peaceful:
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    Local 177 was said to be not participating in the new Central States plan. That they will shop around for a different plan...But if you go their official website, they posted the new Central States "TeamCare" plan chart.
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    I also heard that 177 is going to bump up the pension by $400 per month? I am confused, I got in one letter last week 2 conflicting reports. Both saying that the pension is in the CRITICAL STAGE.. Just wondering how a Local can bump up the pension while in CRITICAL STAGE? Am I missing something here or are they also in bed with UPS? I was under the impression that while in the "RED ZONE" untill it improves...No increases can be givin.....Makes you wonder????

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    If go to to Local 177's website. They have posted parts of the supplemental.

    "ARTICLE 56


    What I have heard is that FTers will give up 30 cents a year in raises to increase the pension. Not sure if this applies to PTers as well.
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    Increase the pension just to pay the medical........No gain..Still sounds Fishy to me:detective
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    The problem I see in giving up $.30 per hr of out raises per year is what happens to the $.45 per hr the company would pay out in OT?
    NOTHING!!! It doesn't get paid!
    Yeah, I know $.30 isn't much $624.00 a yr for 40x52, but if you figure a modest 5 hrs overtime equals $117 per year times 2000 drivers that equals $234,000.00 a yr the company doesnt' have to pay!!
    $468000 the 2nd yr, (the $.30 given up the first yr and $.30 given up the 2nd yr) $702000 the 3rd yr ,$936,000 the 4th yr, $1,170,000 the 5th yr. That's just on the $.45 for OT for 5hrs OT for 2000 drivers.
    I'm not sure how many drivers are in our local but this seems like a win for the company. We're only credited for the first 40 hrs paid in a week. That's OK. I'd be more for this proposal if the OT monies were just put into the general pension fund, not letting the company "save" this money.
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