Getting time for distance walked.

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    I have heard a few different stories on if we get time for distance of the delivery. For example walking off long driveways but if that's the case how is it determined? Most guys say to take the package and not scan it until you get to the front door, the. Scan, DR and walk back to truck. Others say if you scan at the PC the. Walk to the front door the system then takes into account the distance walked and adds that to your times. I could really careless about my times but I am curious how the system works. Wasn't sure if someone knew for sure about this.
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    I don't know how it works and I don't care but we were told during our time study to scan the package in the back of the truck and make sure to hit stop complete at the end point. We were told this was because you got time for distance. Just what we were told. Like I said don't know don't care.
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    I don't care about there over/ under route times so I really don't care about how they figure out time allowances. I do one stop at a time and day to day real word happens determines how much time it's going to take to complete each route that day so there made up number mean nothing.
    There no time allowances for traffic, construction, sitting at stop lights, rain, snow, etc. But there one for walking to and from a house.

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    I have heard that some centers issue mileage meters/sensors that are worn on one ankle that measures how many (2x) strides that are taken in each day. If the total number of strides exceed the routes stride standard per IE that person gets strideage monetary compensation . Im sure the amount varies around the country.
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    Haha, good one...
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    I wasn't told that a virtual time study was being done on the day it was performed.
    It was with DIAD IV and I doubt it left the package car on any of the DR stops that day.
    That was about 20 months ago and nobody has come close to running scratch on my route since.
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    Yep, me too. Do I care about the results?
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    really don't care about maximizing allowance * if it is a familiar house and i know my dr point, i will stop complete as i walk toward the house and then use the rest of the walk to preview edd and organize my stops (in the real world) far better than any software can
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    Maybe that's why I'm always over allowed 3+ hours everyday. I scan and stop complete at the door/delivery point.
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    You get more dates if you skip!
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    I know when they do these time studies they are looking at the distance between the parking point and the DR point. They do this using tools like Google maps. I believe they assign a time allowance per stop in each neighborhood based on the average time stops take during the time study. Once that allowance is set it is the same for every stop in the area. I don't believe that where you stop complete on a day by day basis changes your results.

    End result if your in an area with a lot of long driveways to walk off but make a stop at a place with an exceptionally short walk for that unit area then you might come up a bit under allowed on that stop. In theory this should all average out. Notice my choice of words.. "in theory".

    All I really know for sure is that I cover many routes and give the same effort no matter what route I cover. Some routes (not many) I am scratch or near it others I am often way over. Obviously some of this is different levels of route knowledge from route to route but there are some routes I know cold that I cannot scratch on even when I feel like the stops are falling off the car.

    So as they like to say in the corporate world "It is what it is!"
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    Well by the methods its supposed to be open door,,, obtain pkg/pkgs,,,, close bulkhead...use designated walk paths to get to delivery point (scan pkg while walking if safe)... call out UPS,,, ring bell and set pkgs down or hand to customer... stop complete as you turn to leave... walk back to truck while checking upcoming stops.... enter truck and head out....

    Of course I run an hour and a half over everyday myself, but I have had several production rides to hear it all ... and practice it well....
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