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    I'm new, I've been told it takes 4 years to get to 100% pay, can anyone tell me what the increment in pay is given?
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    It should be in your contract, which can be found online at
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    $16.75 Start
    $17.25 Seniority
    $18.25 Twelve (12) months
    $19.55 Twenty-four (24) months
    $23.40 Thirty-six (36) months
    Top Rate Forty-eight (48) months
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    Thanks guys!
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    Yep, I concur it sucks!!!!


    IT SUCKS ???? UPSF drivers we^ the highest paid* in the LTL industry per hour rate, and per mile rate . higher than :YRC. Fed-ex freight,saia,abf,conway, old dominion, estes,R+L,averitt...IT SUCKS


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    Thats parcel saying it sucks...

    Get used to the jabs... thick skin required.
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    It sucks, but the hobbies this jobs supports make it worth it.
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    Until you hit someone. Think ups will back you then if the police report is your fault or you weren't following the methods.
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    What does that have to do with what was quoted?