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    Well I took the plunge. I started as a driver and an excellent driver indeed. Management loved me I was a scratch driver each and every day on road. After about 2 months they asked me if i was interested in management. The 5 months total as a driver were pretty enjoyable I got a good feeling working there. Being on the road for many years prior to UPS I decided to submit a letter of intent and go for the management position. Lets just say there was a pretty picture painted for me. Now prior to UPS I was in management positions and enjoyed working with all types of people and thought what an opportunity and plenty of room for growth. I then got placed in a different bldng 60 miles from my house. I have now been an On Car Sup for about 4 Years now.

    Now anyone who knows me would tell you that I am a hard-worker and dedicated to what I do. I feel totally insulted by what has happened and I would like to know if anyone else has had to deal with crap like this before. In the past 4 years I have been sick 3 or 4 times and I had to go out for surgery once. Now as for sick days out of the 3 or 4 times sick I only called out for one of them. I was running 104 fever and by all means should not have been working. I took 3 days off and came back to work still feeling bad but good enough to perform. Now as for my surgery typical recovery time is approx 6-8 weeks. I was back to work within 5 days. Just 3 weeks ago I was struck with a nasty stomach virus and was laid up for 2 days out of work when making the phone call I was treated like a child over the phone. Then I was told you are a supervisor not an hourly you need to be at work. So please let me understand does UPS upper management really think that we are some sort of superheros impervious to illnesses that all other human beings can contract. I then 2 weeks after being sick asked to use a Discretionary day for an unexpected emergency taking place 3 days later and was shot down.

    This is so stupid I really should have stayed a driver. Not like I do much of anything else other than moving missed pieces and pkgs left in the bldg. And to be honest even with my bonus at the end of the year when considering the hours worked I dont even really do much better than a diver when it comes to take home. And to add insult to injury the pension plan was changed so being I was born in 1979 I will not even be able to retire with the benefits that were promised. I really feel that i got the crap end of the stick. Call this a rant or whatever you want i would like to hear opinion form all especially other management people.
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    evidently you dont get on this board enough and see the majority of the people who went into management would change not do the same if they had the option to do it all over again. i was pt management and went driving and have been approached to continue and i politely decline and laugh on the inside as they work 12 hr days and get paid for 10. Good luck with your decision and hopefully you will not take it out on your employees.
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    If you feel you are being mistreated theres a 1-800 number to call that works for both mngmt and hourlies.
    You never mentioned discipline for your"lack of heathiness",but I guess a day off without pay would not help them ,and the label "unfit for promotion" is way worse for you.
    I'll pm some of my friends in here in the bc and maybe they can help you further.If you need the 1-800 number I'll get it for you.
    Keep us posted.
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    Mr. On Car,
    The best way to handle sick-time that I have seen by on car is to just cop an attitude toward your center manager that you are going to stand up for yourself.He(she) is not going to like you being out but if you are sick or injuried-sorry I'll try to be their tommorrow...The fact is YOU are not superman.This company will do fine without you.On your vacations look for a different job(maybe not as good) but you have 26 more years to go...No way!..It doesn't get any better..Good luck!
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    This solution tends to be a long hard journey with much pain at the end.
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    The transition from driver to management is not always an easy one. Not only do you have to manage a group of many diverse personalities but you have to manage your boss and his expectations of you. Some bosses make this task easier then others. They practice the open door process and solicit feedback from you. Others require a crowbar to get that door open. I'm guessing Yours is the latter. If so then you will have to be more active in soliciting the feedback of that person and giving that person the feedback that shows you are addressing his her needs.

    If advice is what you seek then you do this as step one.

    Jot down some notes of the issues that you feel are important to you. Ask your boss for some time to talk.

    Review your concerns with the boss.

    As you do so keep reinforcing the point that you are a committed partner, that you are there for him, that you want to do a good job and that your only asking to be treated with respect.

    Try to pin him / her down on what he / she thinks of you and what issues they may have with you as a reason why they feel they can't treat you with the respect you are asking for. Be prepared for honest feedback. Be prepared that you may hear somethings about the job you do that you did not expect to hear.

    Its a tough thing to do but things will not get better until you're willing to sit him/her down and have that talk.

    If you handle the talk well you will get some things that you need to do differently and you will get some type of committment from the boss or at least get his understanding that the respect issue is important to you.

    The retirement change can actually be a good thing. You see all the pension plans out there getting in trouble. Take the hit and stick your 5.5 percent in the plan every month and forget about it. When you retire you will have a potable plan that you take with you. I honestly wish I had the option when I first got promoted and the smarts to take advantage of it.

    Have your talk and then let us know how it went.
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    20 30 years will go by fast. good luck SUPERMAN.
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    if you had posted before you went into management.......

    tie gives good advice. problem is that not all managment type are like tie. Some are much worse:wink2:

    one of the issues that seem to be bothering you is the move. were they not clear about moving you around?

    one thing as well, flash in the pan drivers are heros to managment, but they are like a shooting star, they burn out quickly. and they seem to be loved by managment because they can be used, for lack of a better term.

    one last thought. there are and always will be tough times at ups. hell, its that way in life. hang tough, get with the upper management team and have the talk tie mentioned. if nothing else, it will clear the air on what you expect. they sure let you know what they expect.......

    hang tough, the sun will rise again tomorrow.

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    My understanding is if you go ft management, moves are a great possibilty?
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    tempinsanity....if you do ever come back here to the bc,please register and become a member.I think you got good advice.
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    In the hub I'm from...If you screw up a lot they sent you to Alaska. They called it a special assignment, but nobody ever came back.
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    well from what i heard....
    one got sent up and "requested" his buddies come up
    the only guy we have left from washington has done great
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    Yea its like Siberia,but its peacefuller than where tooner lives,and
    theres a lot of willing native girls, but I guess Drewed aint inuit.
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    "but I guess Drewed aint inuit."

    DS, your brilliance is appreciated !!

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    When you go into full-time management, they can move you to any building within 60 miles of the center you're in now or your home.
    That's not a new rule, that's been in place for many many years.
    Not to appealing with these gas prices.
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    You know, bootlicking is a requirement of lower management.:raspberry-tounge:
    I hate the way "upper" management treats the part time and road sups.
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    Its posts like yours that reinforce my idea that management is not for me. Its not for me for a few reasons and the first being the driver job is a pretty good gig. Being an on-car looks to be a driving job with 2 tons of added responsibility and not much more pay.

    If I were to go into a management position I would want to be out of browns forever. I know this would never happen at UPS so I will keeps the browns as an hourly.

    I don't like how you were treated when you called out sick. Once in four years and you were questioned like a school boy? Are you giving us all the facts?

    I like the fact the my responsiblity is "This is Browniehound I am booking off today" and its the end of it. It should be for you too, we are supposed to be proffesionals. Do you think my buddy who works at Fidelity gets any of this crap when he is sick?

    Most of all I like having ZERO worries once I punch out. Actually, I think I worried once. I left a package without a DR bag on it and I wasn't 100% sure if the small porch would keep it dry from the wind-swept rain that came later that day. The worry soon subsided and I enjoyed the remainder of the weekend:raspberry: