Global warming

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    Found a cute quote on

    "Each single raindrop believes they are not responsible for the flood."

    So, I've been a supporter of reducing our dependency on OIL; not just foreign oil which does concern me, but any fossil fuel really.

    I also don't use chemicals (and coincedentally I've got the best lawn on the block). Instead, I water no more than twice a week and I give it a good soaking. Weeds have shallower roots than grass does, so I can water the grass and thirst away the weeds at the same time.

    Back to the title, warmer ocean water disperses into more energy for the seasonal storms. With the Atlantic measuring even at only a 1/2 degree higher average temperature, spread out over the whole of the waters, that represents the same energy potential as 10, one h:whiteflag:undred megaton bombs. And the hurricains pick up on that!
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    Time to party then!
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    LOL @ the sprout eating, tree hugging hippie. I burn up 2 gallons of gas just to drive to Mickey D's for coffee in the morning. I say the faster we use it up the faster we can move on.
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    Then maybe you could explain the cycle of hurricanes over the last 100 years?

    Here's a breakdown by decade for you to look at and maybe you could explain the cycle in the middle of the century.

    Yes, hurricanes are causing more damage, you can thank the cost of construction and the amount of people in the area(s) affected to start.
    If these storms hit unpopulated areas, the damage is less severe.

    You'd have more of an argument if you brought up a fight to reduce coastal building. Since you are all for a reduction on OIL. I'm sure you are happy that the refineries took a break for a few days while they had to deal with Ike. Enjoy your bike ride to work.
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    If my house got destroyed every other year I would start to think, maybe it's time to relocate.
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    We have that same problem here, only with flooding. We have several flood prone areas where homes would get damaged/destroyed and people would simply rebuild only to have to go through it again and again. FEMA finally came in and bought these people out.
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    I agree . I would also wonder how they are rebuilding them. You can build a house that is pretty close to hurricane proof these days.
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    I doubt homes can be built to survive severe hurricanes, if they could, those rich people on the coast would have them. Also it's not just the winds, but the flooding, even on stilts many didn't make it.

    As far as building on the coast and in other flood prone or other natural disaster prone areas. Stupid, and it's costing all of us in increased taxes and insurance rates. It's time we all stood up and demanded that these idiots find a safe place to live.

    You just can't ignore the power of nature, New Orleans should be left to return to nature as it should have been left that way in the first place. All of the coastal buffer areas should be allowed to regenerate to protect the inland areas.

    I know there will be rebuttals to my comments, but sometimes we have to just take awhile to look at the big picture, we can't keep putting band aids on everything, it needs to be completely revamped taking into consideration the whole picture.
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    Tough choices I'm sure are new Predsident will make. Or not.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Its not how strong a house is built in these hurricane prone area, its can you get hurricane/flooding insurance!!
  11. dannyboy

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    I work

    Actually you can build houses that can withstand the force. problem is they cost. we built a pond for one in naples. 18 million dollar home, not all that big, three BR's 2 bath. On a 100x125 foot lot.

    funny thing the weather and the "global warming" issue. Back when i was in school, it was the coming ice age, as trends showed we were cooling.

    The climate is like center manager's at ups. they come and go. sometimes up, sometimes down. and at the end of the story, same ole ups we started with.

    While i believe in leaving my part America better off then i found it, the guilt trip gore and associates try to put on everybody is a bunch of crap.

    if those in power really gave a :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:, why is it ford can sell cars in europe that get 65mpg and make money overseas, but yet they are forbidden to sell those same cars here, and have a hard time geting 40mpg out of the cars here?

    Get rid of the over burdensome regs here, let the us automakers market gas saving cars here like they do overseas. drill locally, quit with the bs of running refineries at 105% capacity, build some new ones that dont pollute as bad. build more nuke plants, and then we can all go out and hug some trees.

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    Hypocrite !! His house is a wasteful place and not at all 'green'.
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    I would like to know which university gave him a PHD ?
    He must have one the way he quotes all these facts ?
    or is his degree like rev sharpton's ?
  16. moreluck

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    Al Gore needs a degree from Jenny Craig University !!
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    Al Gore is no Ben Franklin. That's just an interesting article for those of you that believe in all the gorebull warming hype.
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    Why are we talking about this at all? I thought the debate was over
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