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  1. ups79

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    When I was an employee we had a GM suppliers discount on a new car. We are getting ready to trade for a chevolet and I was wondering does anyone know whether as a retiree are we eligible for this discount on a new car?
  2. klein

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    No clue !
    But, I can tell you the new Impala is getting the best hands up !
    Probably will become the car of the year.
  3. cachsux

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    Admitting the problem is the first step.

    To the op, if you GM discount code you should be able to take it to a dealer to make a purchase. I've never had one dig any deeper once you give them the paperwork.
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    If you have access to i think it will tell you
  5. scratch

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    The GM discount is still listed on, but I don't think that retirees qualify. I hope I'm wrong, i got a good deal with Ford the last time I bought a new car.
  6. Bagels

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    At least in the Midwest, dealers will hook-up consumers with supplier discounts. Not a very hard thing to do.
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    That's a good question. Earlier this year when I was buying a new Lincoln I tried getting on to get the employee discount information, only to fine I was denied access. I called human resource and was told after 15 months retires are locked out of the web portal. I called a friend that got me the discount information I needed and the purchase was completed with no problems. From what I remember those discounts were available to current employees and retires. But not having access to the portal, how are you going to be able to us the discounts?
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    Retiree discounts are only available on the Buick Park Avenue and Lasabre models.