going for interview, any tips/advice?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by brownhopeful, Jul 13, 2005.

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    I'm going for a tour/interview Thursday July 14th. It is for a package handling position at the airport (5-9pm). If you can give me any tips or advice, and what to expect such as questions from HR that would be wonderful. Or any information/documents I need to bring?

    Thanks for your help!
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    as long as you're not a psycho killer, and you have a pulse, you should be fine. and even then, you may still get hired.....
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    While the other poster speaks the unfortunate truth, a good ttitude goes a long way. When I was training drivers and also with christmas helpers, if the person really wanted the job and wanted to learn, i could train them to do anything. If not it was a lost cause.

    Was never so glad to be rid of a helper one year when one of the part timers was my helper during Christmas. He had to have been one of the dummest people I have ever had, paired with a sorry attitude. I had him for 6 days, and no joke, could have done it better and faster myself. Over the weekend, he wrecked his car and was unable to work for four weeks, just long enough to come back after peak.

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    Bring your driver's license and have (if you don't automatically know) all your relavent data such as SS#, date of birth, contact number (and backup),etc. etc.

    I believe if you are going to work at the airport the Homeland Security Department has gotten involved where UPS has to do a very thorough background check where you have to list your schooling all the way back to pre-school, past jobs, aliases, convictions, etc.

    Positive, attentive, gung ho attitude goes over real well.

    While making it manditory to be currently attending college to get or keep a part-time position was struck down decades ago it still is a major plus.
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    Don't ask stupid questions like:

    Is it hard work?

    Do I have to be on time every day?

    When do I get my first week of vacation?

    When I talked to a girl from H.R., she said anything that sounded like someone was looking for easy money or time off before they even started sent up a red flag and ended your chances on the spot. Asking about insurance, salary or promotion opportunity are more in line.}
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    Just joking...Just come with a positive attitude, and willing to get a workout. It make take a while for them to call you back. Get a phone number from them so you can bother them after your interview.

    Good luck.
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    Yeah, they like that persistence as well.