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    Hey All,

    So, things have progressed pretty quickly. Got my TCD seniority this past summer and have driven almost every day since. Manager says I'm a good swing driver and feels confident putting me out there. I get along well with management. I do my job and enjoy the paycheck.

    Several of us signed the bid list for part-time to full-time over peak. With only a few months of TCD seniority and just a year of hub seniority, I got a call yesterday to see if I was still interested in going full time. I said "yes" with 2 caveats. 1, that I get to keep working for my center (which my manager said he would do his best to keep me) and the other that I keep my TCD pay.

    I've confirmed with a few others that they've kept their TCD rate and it'll be red circled until progression catches up.

    So, can someone give me the benefits of going full-time?

    I love driving and I feel like this is too good to be true.

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    It's a full time job with a guarantee. If you're already essentially running a route everyday you just become permanent and have FT pension credits
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    You will be red circled until progression catches up to you.

    The benefits are far too numerous to list here.

    What difference does it make what center you work out of?
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    Are knowledge. I know the area my center services. Good mix of industrial, commerical, and residential. I just like it. It's not a dealbreaker, but I'd prefer to stay in my center. They put a lot of work into training me and I've had a very positive experience. The other centers in my hub... don't have the best reputations.

    Anyway, application should be in my email soon.
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    Are there unbid routes? Most of our new FT guys are forced onto open routes no one bids on because they're so terrible. Area knowledge wouldn't be a big issue in that case because you'd be on the same route everyday. Worth it for full time pension credits and guaranteed work everyday though.
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    Who cares about area knowledge?!?! Our building is two centers. East Shore and West shore. I grew up on the East Shore and when I started driving I drove my first 5 years on the East Shore. FT bid came up for a Cover bid on the West Shore. I jumped on it to become full time. I knew almost 20 routes on the East Shore. So it was no big deal for me to learn another route. I figured I was a professional. 10 months later I bid back to the other center. In that 10 months I only ever learned 2 routes.
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    I went full time almost two years ago and had to change centers terrible experience I already knew my center was the better of the two better management and better areas
    And really hated to leave
    Worked a little over a year in the center got fired on some bs
    Talked to my old center manager see what he could do to bring me back and he did..
    But anything can happen just go with it when you can you don't want to lose seniority by waiting on the right situation things change so much at ups you may end up where you started anyway

    Especially if your good with your current management
  8. aggieODC

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    According to HR, I'm now full-time. Backdated to 2/16. I'll be interested to see my next check to see if they kept my pay. 5 of us were promoted to FT from TCD. We are all under the understanding that we'll keep our pay rate.
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    TCD= Temporary Cover Driver