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  1. Kev18

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    Hi guys,

    I have been working with ups for about 5-6 months now and ive decided to go PT supervisor. I was just curious if you all thought this was a good decision or not? and how much do FT sups get paid usually? and do they get paid OT for going over 8 hours?
  2. hyena

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    I believe they get salary, Dont become a ******** when you switch to sup. lol. I had a guy that actually trained me and I worked with him my first six months then he went into managament. When he came back to our center as a Pt sup complete ***.
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  3. drewed

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    its a salary based on 27.5 hours a week, if you break down wages its generaly between 14-17 an hr (wage varies depending on local) over 27.5 to 40 hours you get paid "premium" which is your break down plus 10% after 40 you get straight ot and there are some other wage rules for working 12+ seven days etc but i dont know them and they hardly ever get used
  4. Service Failure

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    I heard that you have to either 1. Have been a full-time driver or 2. have a degree to advanced to a FT supervisor position plus it takes a really long time. As a career choice it really depends on what you plan on doing. For school purposes I think i would have gone the supervision path and planned not to have made a career out of ups. PT sups tend to get treated poorly by just about everyone but mainly the hourlies. If you aren't a laborer type and have tough skin i think it's a fine choice.

    I personally chose to become a utility driver for the extra cash. You don't deal with as much as the normal drivers and you still get to decline work so you pretty much get to choose your own schedule though i choose to drive almost daily.
  5. User Name

    User Name Only 230 Today?? lol

    I was a part-time employee (union) then went into PT supervision, It wasn't bad, I did it for three years and then had the oppertunity to go driving. One thing of advice I can say to you is "be consistant, be fair, and dont lie". If you cant do something dont promise it. You will be amazed at how people will respect you more when you just do those things.

    by the way i made 18hr and paid 60 month in insurance.
    Good Luck
  6. cgrant55

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    Back to the FT supervisor questions, I saw someone refer to the need to have driven or have a degree. Does that mean if you have driven you dont need a degree to get this position or no. Im curious because Ive planned on driving to pay for school and eventually get the degree to go into FT management.
  7. Kev18

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    So you do need a degree to go FT SUP?
  8. Service Failure

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    I'm not 100% sure and someone may correct me but its one of the two. You either become a FT sup by becoming a FT driver first or get a degree and bypass the driving. It's a requirement now. That's as opposed to how it was before where you could advanced from a PT sup postion. One of the guys i was in driving school with who now works at my hub gave me that information. He had no plans on staying a full time driver. He was in the process of getting a degree anyways though and was already a PT sup. He's actually in IE now though.

    I think it's wise to pursue a degree either way because then you have more options. FT sup isn't the only higher management position out there and you will want to give yourself more options. The wait for that position can be forever.
  9. Baba gounj

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    you wish to go from union guy to everyone's bitch ?
    Been nice knowing you.
  10. atatbl

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    The degree is not a requirement UPS wide. That is just what some Div. and Dis. Managers want. Most don't care as long as you are the one they want for the job. Do not let the talk in this thread discourage/scare you. Even if your Div. Manager holds a degree requirement to be of the utmost importance, he/she could be gone by the time your progression really starts to matter.

    Oh, and going FT driver to management is almost guaranteed. Even though they want it, UPS CANNOT get enough drivers to move to management. The drivers see the time the sups and mngrs spend working and what they get paid. Then they see their own pay check, hours worked, and union protection. Simple answer for most of them: no.

    If you want FT sup, then go to part time sup. In most areas, it is the quickest route. Everyone will tell you things like "all PT sups quit" and "they all get left behind." The fact of the matter is that a majority do. HOWEVER, you need to keep in mind that these candidates usually lose their ambition and do not want it anymore. It usually is not the case where a candidate toughs it out (however long that may be in your area) and then gets left behind.
  11. barrycold

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    you don't want to go full time management. You think they are happy? Look at They are workaholics. You're salary but you work long days.
  12. dillweed

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    Seems to me that any UPS management position, even pt, would open some doors for you in other companies.

    Go ahead and take a pt sup position if you are interested. If it's terrible, gut it out long as you can and then apply to other places.
  13. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I agree. United Parcel Service on your resume can only enhance your position over other job candidates.
  14. VoiceOfReason

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    This was my progression from PT sup to FT sup.

    Work butt off for 2 years as PT sup. Told that you can be a FT sup, just put in a letter.
    Letter submitted, take FT management assessment. Pass.
    Wait 6 months, until hired as a off street summer temp to drive. Drive all summer. Successful.
    Pass "Inbox" exam and district panel interview.
    Wait 1.5 years. (graduate with bachelors in business management)
    Hired as FT sup a month after graduation.

    I would say a 4 year degree is nearly a pre-requisite. Stepping back from my situation it would appear that graduation was all that was holding me up since I was promoted right after.
  15. Bloodybrown

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    That sounds about right, the company gave you valuable experience as a part time supervisor. The driving for the summer is very important as to understanding what the drivers go through, waited for you to get your degree and then the promotion. I think it worked out well for you. If you would have been promoted before you finished school, you may or may not have finished due to the high amount of hours you work in ft management. I know that they have promoted people while going to school but if you are not trying to get a degree, they will not likely promote a person.
  16. jchimienti

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  17. Going PT sup means that you now get 5 hrs. not 8. You would get paid for the 8 hrs. if you went over 5, but believe me they won't let that happen often!! At all. Like I said just concerned for you.
  18. filthpig

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    Congratulations! You can be fired!
  19. Bloodybrown

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    Oh, Union guys don't get fired??????..........duh ! !......no worries if you do your job properly ,wether your union or non!!
  20. toonertoo

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    Union guys get fired and unless aggregious and truly deserve it usually get their job back.
    You my friend will be alone in management. They can fire you at will. And you have no protection. You have no help. I doubt it happens alot, but It happens Im sure. Backup is nice. Ive never been fired, so I havent visited this situation personally. But the only people I never saw get back, is people who stole time or merchandise.