Going to UPS freight, is it worth it?

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    Hello guys, sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place since is my first post :-). I currently have a job making $23 an hour and I just recently went to a UPS freight interview in wich they told me the starting pay for a class A driver is $17.70 for the first year with a progression every year until you top of after your fourth year. Now my question is if it's worth it to leave my current job to start so low on pay? I'm 23 years old with 3 kids (yes, I know :P), I also just bought a house so I'm paying mortgage myself. My job currently has really expensive health insure at $200 a week with no pension or any good retirement plans, also I would probably be getting about a $1 or $2 raise every year. I average about 50 to 55 hours for most of the year, I should make around 65k this year. If you were in my shoes, would you leave to go to UPS freight? I know the health insure is wicked cheap and they have a pretty good retirement plan but it worries me a lot to leave for so little. Anyway, any input would help. Thanks
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    Don't know anything about freight

    But here's some advice buy a box of raincoats
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    If it has retirement sounds better than job you have , I work in feeders for package easiest job on planet just have to like working at night till you get seniority like 20plus year for day shift
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    Unless you can afford to live solely on the wife's income AND unless it's at a large regional breaker hub facility, and even then highly questionable, the answer is NO. If you were single with no wife/kids/mortgage and your biggest monthly expenditure was a subscription to a highly questionable freaky website then I'd offer different advice.

    They'll be quick to tell you alllll about the pay and how quickly those 4 years fly by and put the full-scale pay at the end of a stick and wave it around like a flag on independence day but what they don't tell you is that you won't be working full time and the smaller the hub, the less you'll work.

    I just hit full scale and don't have a bid yet. Unless I'm covering a vacation, I have to call in every night to see if I'm covering a call off or freight overflow the only difference is now I make in 3 days of work at full scale that I would have made working in 5 at the last pay scale I was at.

    I was lucky, the wife makes 100K/yr and we were paying $1300/mth for insurance for a family of 3. My taking the job allowed her to drop coverage and use my insurance, which is far superior, and we only pay $200/mth so we got an additional $1100/mth net pay raise to weather out the storm.

    You'd be better served going with Small Pac than Freight and there are many more minds here that can advise you with that decision.
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    Holy mackrel, $1,300 month for health insurance? I am retired and pay $220 a month for a family plan from the city. I feel bad for you that is outrageous.