Good News/Bad News



Good News
Bret Caldwell, a Teamsters spokesman, said......
"We're not deadlocked,"

Bad News
Bret Caldwell, a Teamsters spokesman, said......
"We don't want to hear about contract extensions," he said. "We're not going to go there."

Quotes via Hoovers Online article, UPS, Teamsters Driving for Deal


A few facts about UPS Teamsters from

~UPS's average rate for package car drivers ($23.11) is 16.9 percent higher than the maximum rate for a FedEx Express driver ($19.21*) and 24.7 percent higher than the average rate for a FedEx Ground contractor ($17.39*), who receives no benefits.

~UPS's average driver rate also is higher than that of the U.S. Postal Service ($19.19*) and Airborne ($17.50*).

~The majority, 62 percent, of UPS drivers have at least 15 years of service and annually receive a minimum of seven weeks paid vacation days, option days, sick days and holidays. More than 13 percent of UPS drivers have been with the company 25 years or more and annually receive nine weeks of paid time off.
*Estimates based on publicly available information.

Part-time workforce

UPS primarily promotes from within, meaning todays part-time employee has tremendous long-term career opportunities. Many of UPSs top executives started their careers as part-time employees:

Cal Darden, UPS's senior vice president of U.S. operations, started as a package handler in Buffalo, N.Y.

Chris Mahoney, senior vice president of global transportation services, began his career loading and unloading packages in 1968.

And Joe Pyne, senior vice president of corporate development, started as a package handler in 1969.

~UPS part-time workers typically work four or five 3- to 5-hour shifts per week at a starting wage of $8.50. Currently, about 68 percent of UPS part-time Teamster-represented employees make more than $8.50 per hour. The overall average hourly wage for a UPS part-time employee is $10.72.

~Part-time employees receive paid vacations and holidays and are usually off on weekends.
Benefits for part-time employees include health care for employees and their families, dental and vision insurance, long- and short-term disability insurance and life insurance.

~Optional elective benefits include participation in the company's 401(k) and discounted stock purchase programs.

~Part-time employees at 51 hubs across the country can enroll in the company's Earn & Learn tuition assistance program. Part-time workers are eligible for $3,000 in tuition assistance per calendar year to a lifetime maximum of $15,000, and $2,000 in forgivable education loans per year to a maximum $8,000.

~UPS has provided employment for more than 50,000 former welfare recipients as part of its Welfare-to-Work program.


Man! How much more abuse like this can we expect these teamsters to take from UPS.