Goodbye UPS

It’s kind of funny watching corporate try to adjust.

It’s every driver on the road here trying to cut OT. Hoping no one quits. Preloaders are only loading 2 trucks and they’re still quitting left and right. It’s nuts.

Ups is unique and there’s only so much they can do. Retail and fast food and others could absolutely give workers more hours with consistent schedules if they wanted.
Like my supervisor told me this is not a premium job anymore.
Back when I started you wanted to get your foot in the door and Hope you had a chance to go on a road to make a career out of it
Whenever I tell the new people here they can ask about becoming air sort and work Saturdays for time and a half, a lot of them always ask about it and are hungry for hours. Granted my area is in a rough low income area, but these kids definitely are hungry for work. I really think these upcoming contracts should include a lot more 22.3 jobs because at this point, if what is said here is true about work ethic, a lot of it is because disillusion in understanding what a union job entails. I educate every new person I can about seniority and how it works. Hell, since the bid sheets came down for driver helper, I always show em the centers they can talk to a person to be a driver helper. The young ones want it, gotta show em how to do it.
But a lot of these newbies do not realize that the value of our benefit package


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I'm not saying everybody wants to work all the time but when you're young and starting out a little extra cash to get you started in life is a big help.

Unfortunately this is not a 9 to5 job in most cases And they need to realize that when they sign on here
When I started I worked crazy hours, bought a nice house too.

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But a lot of these newbies do not realize that the value of our benefit package
I make sure to inform them about what a pension is and how valuable the benefits out-way the small price to pay for dues. What I have learned is a lot of these kids usually lack a parental figure and or don’t come from a background that involves these sort of monetary or long term-choices. It hurts to see, but they genuinely are interested in learning when you reach out. A lot of people just aren’t literate, either.