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Starting wage is a waste of time.
Reminds me of a Facebook post I saw about a year ago. It was a FedEx young guy who said "Not to be bragging but I've been with FedEx for 6 months and I deliver 3 stops per every UPS 1 stop. What a dillhole.
Except that guy has a 3 hour break in the afternoon and gets paid $18 an hour. Lol

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Try telling that to some of these senile boomers around here.
Jokers think it's still 1975
Going out of your way to kill yourself for this company is just as pointless today as it was in 1975.

20 years from now, you'll hear some of these same comments from new guys and look back at your posts and realize what a dumbf#%k you were in 2018.


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Man , you are so right. I always made more money than the other drivers doing the exact same run because all I had to do was follow the methods and work safely. And when they did ride alongs to see what I was doing , it took LONGER.

They couldn't find fault with the way I did the run.

Everyone knows their numbers are phony.
Or they just didn’t want to fight a gender discrimination lawsuit.


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People have to care in order to hate.

And where do you keep the better gambler you have?

Is it better than this one?
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Don't want to put words in your mouth but are you joshing us here? You sound confident in yourself & that's a good thing.

I beat my route by -1.21 yesterday and I'll get an extra 4 to 5 hours of production bonus for this week on my pay check.

I always wondered how UPS can pay over my .84 unpaid lunch & break (.50 for 1/2 hour lunch and two ten minute breaks .17 x 2)? Seems odd, but hey free money. Some guys get up to 9-10 extra hours each week.

Keep up the good work brother.

Is there an actual method to gambling? I always lose at that.

BTW, I beat it good yesterday because I just can't sit and eat in this heat. I don't care if others give me guff for skipping some of my personal time. They don't shut our Diads off at meal time here and if it's my health over doing it by the book. I'm going with health. It was announced today that the hottest month ever recorded on Earth was right here in the U.S. in the month of July, 2018... Death Valley but still it's getting hotter all over the Lower 48. So don't kill yourself... Stay Cool, Dude!
You guys should go on a blind date you have so much in common. When I mean what you have in common is brown nosing, lying, narcissistic,trolling. Who knows maybe @Bestsorteralive will stop by with the cheaters show and confront one of you for stealing his man.:wink-very:

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I would go down in history as the greatest employee at UPS. I can do it all. I can unload a full 100% trailer with bunch of bulk by myself in 30 minutes. The feeders & drivers love me. Even The district manager said I was the hardest worker he’ll ever seen.

All of ya are just hating cause I have a better work ethic than you & a better gambler.
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