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    Greatplacetowork has deleted the "compare pricing" off their website. The Canadian version is still saved on Google if you click the cached link. Anyway, Great Place to Work is a survey and marketing company that conducts a fraudulent survey and publishes it in Fortune magazine just like an advertisement. You have to really know that you are a crappy place to work if you honestly care more about public sentiment than employee safety and well-being.

    Compare all packages

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    The pic is inop, I added a link to the pricing
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    I’am going all in give me the one that is $13995
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    The US one was:
    $995 $6995 $19,800 Call for details
    I am sure the large one includes the posting in magazines.
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    greatplacetowork.jpg Here is a screenshot of the cached GreatPlacetoWrok page that showed their pricing. Posting about making this list was nothing more than a freaking advertisement for them to the general public. How pathetic is it to work for a company that has to pay someone to tell you how great they are?

    FedEx Named One of FORTUNE Magazine’s 2018 Best Companies to Work For
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    Beyond pathetic. Then again FedEx has a history of spending money on stupid stuff rather than sharing the wealth with people like us who make money for the company.