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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by ducky13swing, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. ducky13swing

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    This has nothing to do with UPS, except maybe for this web site, but I noticed that several people have green bars below their names on the posts. Mine happens to say that I am on a distinguished road.

    What does this mean? Does anyone know?
  2. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND

    I believe it is a sum of many different things. THe number of posts you have had, If you have had to be called down for improper posts, other posters making a positive or negative comment on your posts.

  3. cheryl

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    Danny's right, user reputation is a combination of the ratings that other users have given your posts, the length of time that you have been registered here and the amount of times that you have posted. The higher a user's own reputation is the more weight their reputation ratings of others has.

    The latest reputation you have received from other members is displayed in your public profile. The most recent reputation that you have given others is displayed in your user control panel.
  4. wonderboy

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    how many points do you get if tiegay doesn't like you?

    ought to be worth at least 15 or 20.

  5. dannyboy

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    I knew that was you Susie. :lol: Cant let it go, can you. Shame.
  6. xkingx

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    so whats the deal with the colors? I see some people have red and a grayish blue along with the green
  7. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND

    Those that have red have been spanked by the admin on this site. It could be for repeated warnings on profanity, racial slurs, harrassment of other posters, any number of things that are a violation of the agreement that everyone had to agree to when they began to post on this site.

    Some people dont think rules ought to apply to them, only to others.

    Then with the gray/blue/ green, those are posters that have had other posters issue negative comments on what they have been posted.

    For what ever reason, there is a rating system that allows each poster to rate each other.

    I hope that answers your question. Any information that is wrong, I am sure the admin will correct.

  8. diadlover

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    Okay, something needs to be clarified here. Dboy has the highest reputation here. Why? His next door neighbor is the administrator. That is the only reason.

    To answer your question, here is an example. If you say something like "I love the browncafe and all that it stands for. Browncafe is just another word for heaven." You will receive a good feedback.

    If you say, "Dboy is an {deleted by moderator} whose only purpose in life is to {deleted by moderator} it up for others." You will then receive a negative feedback from either Dboy, Cheryl, or one of the browncafe brownnosers.

    I hope this helps.
  9. cheryl

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    User reputation is most heavily influenced by the reputation comments that are given to a member by other users. Number of posts and length of time since original registration are secondary factors.
  10. dragracer66

    dragracer66 Active Member

    Good question I often wondered myself what they meant, thank's for clearing that up:)
  11. ducky13swing

    ducky13swing Member

    Well thanks for the info. I did not know I would start such a stir among the posters, or at least some of them.
    I was just curious.

    I think this is a good site mainly because there is a lot of good information that is shared. I know that there are many different positions represented here and I see that there are many concerns being brought up that I can address in my building before they become concerns.

    There is also a lot of good information about a variety of things from benefits, to new hires, to workers comp. Unfortunately like any website, you have to filter out the junk from the good information.

    It is great to hear from new hires because they bring a fresh set of eyes to the operation that the veterans take for granted.

    There is good information from retirees who may think they no longer have a voice within UPS, but they have some good experience that would otherwise go un heard.

    Yes, even the UPS haters who work for big brown have some input. It may seem negative to many, but they still have concerns that are being voiced and those who can provide answers try to help out the best they can.

    It is great to hear from international UPSers who otherwise I would never have the opportunity to meet.

    This type of forum would be great to have in the real UPS because we could solve many problems in the work place. It just seems to be that people fall into one of many categories in the work place and issues and concerns that could be addressed and corrected never seem to be even brought up. There are certain things that will never change or are beyond the ability of the operator to change. Pay for instance, bound by the contract. Other things can be solved and can be prevented from even becoming an issue. Some of the categories I have seen are as follows:

    Labeled as: Type of employee:
    Complainers: Those who hate UPS, but have been employed to long to find new jobs. Those who will never be happy even if everyone in management quit and let the hourlies run the show.
    "Poor" Management: Those who run the show, think they have all the answers and it is their way or the highway. Yes we have poeple like this at UPS. Only concerned about the bottom line.
    "Good" Management: Those who are genuinely concerned about the well being of their employees and the success of the company. Often beat down by the old time management and made to change into the "Poor" category. Only the strong can make a difference.
    Non Complainers: Those who do the job everyday, come in on time and never complain about anything. Usually the most used for everything until they are so worn out that they finally say something, then they fall into the complianer category.
    Contract thumpers: Those who will pull out the contract and thump it to pieces, unless it does not benefit them, then they are the first to say things aren't fair.

    If everyone (including management, hourlies, pilots, mechanics, general offices, feeders, hubs, centers, ground handlers, and all the way up and down the chain) would understand that people do not want to fail, people make mistakes, things happen beyond our control, people are not machines, and that we are all working for the same goal, then this company would be better than any other Fortune 500 company out there. We all should be working together to ensure that we have a company that will survive long into the future. We all should have no problem referring our friends, our family, and our children to work at UPS. After all we are one big team, family if you will, reaching around the globe to do what it takes to provide a service to our customers. It should not take a natural disaster, like Katrina, to see the UPS spirit of teamwork go into effect. It should be like that every day.
    After all we are still UPSers.
  12. scratch

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    Lil Guy, well said.:thumbup1:
  13. dannyboy

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    I agree scratch, lil guy hit it on the nail.

    As opposed to diad lover who is still not over being the looser in a one man election.

  14. over9five

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    "..being the looser in a one man election."

    Yeah, but we're gearing up for the next election!

    DIADLOVER IN 2007!
  15. dave_socal

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    Are you and your "parochial boss" sharing browns also and is being his parrot your calling In order to beat his green bars you need some original thoughts perhaps.
  16. over9five

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    I don't understand what your post had to do with mine that you quoted....

    Were you drinking?
  17. diadlover

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    Hey Dave, I think you've misunderstood over9five's post. He's a good guy and I don't think he is anyones parrott, especially dboy's. Over9five was just referencing a thread from a few months back.
  18. browniehound

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    danny, what the heck is a "looser"? a woman who sleeps around a lot?
  19. dave_socal

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    I guess y'all have a lot a history. I'm sorry for the comment.:blushing: