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    I'm a 23 year old fella working for Alaska's first all-cargo airline in Anchorage, AK. I'm not a UPS employee, but I am thinking of UPS as a potential employer when I move to Seattle. I have a year and some change of ramp experience and hope to join their aircraft loading teams.

    I've read benefits are amazing. I've read pay is around $10 or so (compared to $14 at FedEx, with not-bad benefits)

    What can I expect in terms of pay increases, workload and promotions? How do Seattle UPSers get treated?

    Please, also describe your union experience. I was previously represented by IAM and was pretty disappointed to have to pay my $40 dues for $9.18 an hour, employee-paid uniforms and zero benefits. This was with Swissport USA.

    More about myself...
    I am employed by Northern Air Cargo, where I feel like I really am valued. The job is nothing if not satisfying, because watching company aircraft take off every day, knowing people are getting what they need within hours is great. Knowing I make a difference at work is great, too. The job is enjoyable. It also pays great, with awesome benefits.
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    Seattle is a very expensive place to live. Why not just stay in Alaska and continue working for NAC? Does Alaska still pay the annual oil dividend?
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    I plan on working in Seattle, but living outside. Housing looks much more affordable in places such as Tacoma or Puyallup -- what you find for nearly half a million in Anchorage is available for around $200,000 in Puyallup. My fiancee is looking to get into the master's of social work program at UW (I think). It's one of the top three in the nation and is closest to family.

    As for staying in Alaska, there is less going on here in terms of opportunity for the both of us. The annual oil dividend is not bad, but (barely) covers the higher prices we pay for gas and cost of living.
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    Good luck to you both.
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    Thank you.