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    My question pertains to UPS freight and their greivance procedures. I was injured on the job quite some time ago and have to greivances pending in the regional board. The company has now decided to talk settlement. If I settle, which means I need to sign a resignation paper. What happens to the greivances that are pending if I resign before they are heard? Do they just get thrown out or do they still get heard. The reason I am asking is because it has to do with backpay of benefits. Thank you in advance for your help.
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    If you are talking about a financial settlement and resignation I would strongly suggest that you get a lawyer, if you haven't already done so. The lawyer can review the grievances and offer you guidance on what to do but cannot get directly involved in the grievance procedure as that is strictly employer/employee. I would think that the lawyer would simply include the dollar amount of the grievances in the settlement total. Good luck.
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    Personally, if they brought up settlement, I'd be wondering why they are scared. And, as Upstate says, get a lawyer!
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    I do have an atty. but combining the 2 is only going to screw things thing has been going on for close to 2 years. I called my BA but have not received a call back yet. Just double checking on here as to what the answer may be. (making sure I get the truth) We/they knew the end result of my injury a year ago after my last surgery. As far as adding to settlement total, that is why I need to know if they just get thrown out or not. If they do not get thrown out, I would still pursue them seperately. This has by no means been a speedy process to me. If it were not for other circumstances that happened before my injury, they would have just starved you death until you gave up. Thats the bully mentallity of who we work for. Thank you for your replies.
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    They are withdrawn.

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    Thank you