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    I bid on a trip was put on it for two weeks and then haven't been on it for a month! I asked our shop Stewart to talk to the supervisor. When I returned to the building today I was asked by the supervisor as to why I went behind their back and got a shop Stewart involved. Then I was told that I was going to be kept on the trip just to piss me off. I was also told that by going to the shop Stewart I am just digging myself a bigger hole.
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    Tell Stewart so he can tell the ba. Stewart should know how to help you file a grievance.
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    Why didn't you ask the supervisor first without getting the Steward involved?
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    You sound like UPS freight....

    Or a freight driver working for UPS.


    Talk to your steward or call your BA.

    Don't let idle management threats intimidate you.

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    They first day they told you you where running another route your answer should have been not.
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    Maybe he has before and nothing got done. Maybe e threatened to file and they pretty much dared him to.

    Ill be filing this week for the company to bid 6 different positions. I talked to the center manager nicely about it before peak. Of course I got the run around. Now I'm not talking to anyone. Just a steward.