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    When a grievance is filed for a supervisor working or or anything else...does that go on hisher record or hurt him/her in any way in the future?
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    But grieve anyhow, Makes you money.
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    No I only grieve time if it was a case where I lost money or lost the opporotunity to make more money. Not whenever I see a sup touching a package. I would never grieve just to make more money. We were short handed last night so our part-time sup helped us wash and a little bit of others things but none of us will ever grieve that. I guess I'd only grieve if they let someone with less seniority sort or if the sup sent me home and did my job instead of me. I was only asking because one of our air drivers was supposed to drive ground a couple days this week but instead management called a guy with less seniority and he is of course grieving that. I was wondering if that hurts the sups in their files or something.
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    Depends on the type of greivance.

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    Air drivers can't deliver grounds, red and blue only.

    When a sup helps for a few minutes I can understand that, but when a sup helps because they are short handed is a contract violation. They should have asked a driver to help. That is taking money from someone else's pocket.
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    We have had some problems with supervisors working in our building however through talks with center manager this has been curtailed and is not so rampant. personally a supervisor should supervise and hourly do the work period. If you file a grievance on this you will get paid 95 percent of the time it does not even have to be your work to file.
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    Air Drivers do drive ground here. It has happened many many times here but mainly during the Christmas-Present time of year. If there aren't enough regular drivers available then air drivers are called in and after that the sups drive. That's how they've been doing it since I've been here. Of course this isn't a hub and there aren't that many people on the list. And as far as the non driving grievances go...I'm not going to file on supervisor working with the idea that he is taking money from my pocket. If I'm loading a trailer and our sup unloads package cars then I'm not losing money because he/she, even if by some magic I was able to do both those jobs at the same time, Isn't going to get me paid for both jobs. Now if it were me loading and the sup sorting then that is different because I could be making that extra dollar an hour. Usually when that happens, which is ONLY when we are short handed, our sup will pay the most senior employee that extra dollar they COULD have been making. That or he'll just unload instead. I know it says in the contract that I could grieve all that regardless but I just choose not to. Only if I'm actually, or literally I should say, losing money will I grieve time. We are alwas short handed here lately so we more than welcome any help we get. I've only seen management try and make drivers stay and help once and 99% of them told the sups, that is if they actually were
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    If your work area is that short of help, they need to hire more people. Using the excuse on a regular basis of not having the employees to run the sort, so sups should work, is against the contract. That means they cant do their job, while they are doing the loading or unloading.

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    Well we've been asking for more help for ever it seems but they claim HR says we already have "too many" people YET we are always short handed and unless our sup helps then we run later...LOL
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    shorthanded... please. One day on our sort all the sups sent as many people as they could home and all broke out UPS tee-shirts and started loading..... guess how long that lasted.... that night.

    sometimes we DO have too many people , but then sometimes we ARE shorthanded...... doesn't the new contract have something in it about "cover workers" or something like that... a call in basis? if a sort doesn't have enough workers they go down the senority list and call people in... maybe i'm wrong?? anyone know?
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    We have two seperate sign up sheets for "cover work" (preload and reload) and they've been up for months now but still haven't been signed.
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    In our center they placed a cover bid sheet for the work areas that they have problems with. Part timers from the PM or midnight shifts can bid on preload if they are short, and the other way around also. It seems to help, and lets parttimers get some time in.

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    Is anyone out there aware of any arbitration rulings in favor of drivers concealing long hair inside of a hat or any style arbitrations that have been won?
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    well in my HUB it's a "if you don't ask, you ain't gonna get told" policy
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    There was no need to post those lists when I was in the hub. I "doubled" all the time on the midnight shift but they kept cutting out doubles off and on but to do it on the midnight shift all people had to do is stick around after the twilight shift and if there was a bunch they'd go by seniority of course. Anyone that wanted to double bad enough would go try another area. I remember one guy was working twilight, midnight, and sunrise for a while there. Here double's are VERY rare. In the two years I've been here they've only had a preloader work on reload three times and the same for vice versa and I was the one that did that.
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    WE had a driver that had long hair, down past the shoulder blades. Really curly. Rule was that as long as it was not visible, he could keep it. Had to wear a hat while on the clock, even in the building. THat lasted for about 18 months. Got to be too much a hassle and way too hot in the summer. But as far as arbitration, UPS has its dress and appearance codes. They will uphold those codes.