Grieving til His Head Spins

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    We've got a cover sup at my hub who is about to get grieved into next week. He covered for the PT sup last Friday and this Monday. On Monday I personally observed him working by pushing flow and I have a witness who was in the trailer with me. At the time, I didn't think much of it because an entire belt was shut down elsewhere in the hub and we were getting absolutely creamed. I was just glad somebody was doing it. And that would have been the end of that, except I heard him today bragging to my PT sup telling him he worked both Friday and Monday and "The guys just stared. Nobody said :censored2:. I'm telling you, one of these days I'm gonna actually try to get grieved." And it's not like I was around the corner or up on a catwalk and I overheard them. I'm standing within arms reach of both of both of them while this is being said, trying to hand the sup a forbidden haz-mat. He obviously doesn't care so I decided I wanted to oblige him.

    Now, this cover sup hates pickoffs for some reason. He devotes the same amount of time and energy to trying to catch a pickoff being lazy as the badguy teacher in Ferris Buehler's Day Off spends trying to prove Ferris is faking being sick (The whole fricking movie). He'll even go up to the smalls department, which is on a raised platform in the middle of the hub, and just stand there looking at the pickoffs. So one of the pickoffs that I know is a 14 year employee and pretty much grieves sups for working weekly, I find him after work and I tell him what I heard the sups talking about and what I saw. And he tells me I need to grieve this guy and in the future, every time he works, we're going to get the whole belt to individually grieve him because he's so proud of never being grieved that it'd be nice for him to receive 10 in a week.

    Also had a corporate peon get mouthy with me later this same night, so that about made up my mind to grieve the guy.
    Now, not that a couple dollars really matters to me but do I get compensated for lost hours since a sup was taking hourly work?
    And The FT sup has given me a couple days off un-paid in the next couple weeks, while I attend a military function on the east coast. Can he take this away if I'm involved in a grievance filing and do I have any recourse if he does?
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    That sup should watch out what he wishes for.

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    Any union member will tell you, the sword is sharp on both sides.
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    Unless you have a witness to him telling you that you could have the days off, or you have it in writing...yes, he can change his mind.
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    If you have orders UPS has to give you the time off.
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    At one point they changed our start times from 8:30 to 9:00 but I still came in for 8:30. If I witnessed a supervisor working I would ask if I could start since obviously they needed help if a PT sup was working. When I was denied I would in turn hand them a grievance form for sups working. Been paid a few times for it.
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  7. Anonymous 12

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    If he does file a grievance under article 21. Union activity.
  8. you aint even know it

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    Former pt sup's memo?
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    You can get paid double time for the hours a supervisor is working if you have witnesses and it's blatant, ie. Joe Supervisor sends Bob Union home and then loads his truck for 4 hours straight with Jack Union and Bill Union witnessing. The exact phrase/standard for a supervisor working is "advancing packages [through the UPS system]." Breaking a jam in a truck and clearing an egress typically don't involve "advancing packages" unless there's a pattern.

    If you're writing up a supervisor for breaking jams, clearing an egress, covering for a bathroom break without some sort of pattern, etc. that drastically reduces the chances of you getting paid. It's also petty; sometimes it's justified for short periods (ie. if a PT supervisor is bragging about working and never getting grieved or decides the best way to manage is to yell and scream at people, etc.) but that's a double-edged sword as Heff said.