Guns are bad.....? Tell that to grandma

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    I have a feeling these goobers wont come into this lady's house anymore...
    WLOS ABC 13 - Western North Carolina's News :: News - Top Stories - Elderly Woman Aids in Burglary Arrests
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    I wonder if you THINK this Grandma feels the same way as you DO???

    Police in Ohio say a 66-year-old man walked into the intensive care unit of Akron hospital and shot his wife of 45 years while standing at her bedside.
    Barbara Wise, 65, was listed in critical condition early Sunday after John Wise allegedly entered Akron General Medical Center at 9 p.m. Saturday and went to see his wife in her room. That’s when police say he pulled out a gun and shot her.
    WEWS-TV reported there was a doctor in the room at the time of the shooting but the doctor was not injured. A security guard was able to get the gun away from Wise. A hospital spokesman told the Associated Press that one shot was fired. No one else was hurt.
    There was no immediate word on a motive, according to the Associated Press. Barbara Wise had been admitted to the hospital several days earlier with a “life-threatening condition,” WEWS reported.
    Wise was being held for attempted murder and is expected to be arraigned Monday.

    Ohio hospital shooting: Mercy killing or murder? - Nation - The Boston Globe

    There are thousands of stories of family members shooting each other, and one story about a burgular being thwarted doesnt make GUNS a good idea in a nation as violent as this one.


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    And who promotes all this violence...........why the SPLC.

    They have there own HATE MAP......Hate Map | Southern Poverty Law Center
    And they have this too, [h=1]Hate state & year.[/h]Funny I asked for Washington, DC incidents for 2012 and the FRC incident was missing.
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    One story? I simply used a single story in my local area. And a beautiful example of the good being prepared can be. Im sure there are many examples to use, I simply chose this one. Your example is no different attempting to prove your point. Much more to that story also but it wouldnt have taken a gun to accomplish what he wanted. A pillow would have worked just as well in that story. Maybe we should ban pillows also
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    Wanna see what I have just for a pellet gun?


    I, also, have the flashlight attachment.

  6. soberups

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    Grandma needs to ditch that old POS H&R break-open revolver and get herself a real gun.
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    Did you actually read the story you attempted to throw in our faces? It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to deduce the reason for a man to shoot his wife of 45 years who had been admitted "with a life threatening condition". It was an attempt at a mercy kill. Perhaps out of love. Perhaps at the request of his wife herself. To just toss it in with another "family member shooting" is asinine.
  8. The Other Side

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    Is a mercy killing allowable by law in the United States? Or is this situation sort of like shooting an injured animal on a highway with a 9mm with hollow points just to put it out of its misery??


  9. soberups

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    Mercy killings are currently illegal in the United States.

    I am quite sure the husband was aware of this fact when he chose to try to kill the woman he had been married to for 45 years while she lay in her hospital bed.

    If my wife were lying in a bed with a terminal condition and suffering unbearable pain, and she begged me to end that pain for her, I cant say I wouldnt do the same thing he did. I pray that I am never faced with such a horrible choice.

    The real problem is that our legal system will not allow people with terminal illnesses to end their own lives. My state of Oregon does, but you have to be able to swallow pills on your own--the doctor cannot assist via injection as is done in the Netherlands. This needs to change.
  10. moreluck

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    Physician-assisted suicide in the United States is legal in the states of Oregon, Montana and Washington.
  11. soberups

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    The only thing the physicians in these states are allowed to do is to prescribe an overdose of barbituates which can only be taken orally.

    A patient who is paralyzed or unable to swallow or digest handfulls of pills does not benefit from the law.

    What we need is a law like in the Netherlands, where the doctors can administer lethal injections to terminally ill patients who are in unbearable pain.
  12. moreluck

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    I agree